Annie Crimmins

Annie Crimmins

Accredited Exercise Physiologist


From an early age, Annie has loved sport. Highly competitive, she excelled in team sports and athletics at school, regularly competing at state and national level. It was her interest in sport and exercise which ultimately influenced her decision to pursue a career in health.

Having completed a degree in Exercise Physiology and a Masters of Nursing (both at the University of Sydney), Annie has worked in healthcare for the past six years. Initially employed in occupational health as an Exercise Physiologist, Annie pivoted to hospital nursing, working in intensive care and cardiology.

Coming full circle, Annie’s goal is to combine the knowledge and skills from both disciplines to deliver tailored, holistic exercise interventions which optimise health outcomes and keep people out of hospital. Her unique perspective of the healthcare system and understanding of acute and complex chronic conditions, passion for helping people, and personal commitment to meet client goals through harnessing the medicinal effects of exercise, put her in good stead to do just that.

Starting at Longevity Drummoyne, Annie grew up in Rozelle and is keen to make a difference in her local community. Her areas of interest include working with older clients, falls prevention, people living with disabilities, managing clients with cardiometabolic conditions as well as general strength and conditioning.

Witnessing the detrimental effects of hospitalisation firsthand, Annie has a strong value for primary prevention, and believes in giving people the tools to successfully self-manage their conditions



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