Jack Walker

Jack Walker

Accredited Exercise Physiologist


Jack has a history of playing a wide range of sports from his childhood to adulthood. With a history of playing AFL, basketball, oz-tag, golf, athletics, rugby union, and powerlifting. Jack gained a love of exercise for its physical, social, and mental health benefits.

Jack was eager to transfer his love of exercise into a career pathway and began working as a personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach at the AIS and Brumbies Rugby Union team. From here, Jack then completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Physiology and Rehabilitation and a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science at the University of Canberra.

Jack is excited to begin working as an Exercise Physiologist at Longevity and use “exercise as medicine” to help individuals lead happier and healthier lives. Jack has experience working with clients of varying ages and abilities and has a special interest in sports rehabilitation for young athletes.

Jack’s philosophy is to inspire his clients to make lasting lifestyle changes that benefit their social, physical, and mental health.




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