Lindsay Smith

Lindsay Smith

Accredited Allied Health Assistant


Lindsay has moved from the UK where she gained most of her clinical experience.  She has always enjoyed being active and trying any sport, but netball and running are her passion.  In 2019 she entered into the world of ultrarunning, her longest event being a 100km trail run along the south coast of England.

Lindsay Studied BSc Exercise and Sport Science in the north west of England followed by a Masters in Exercise Physiology where she became fascinated by the capacity of exercise as prevention and treatment for many conditions and began her journey in helping everyday people live healthy, active lives.  She went on to spend over 11 years working in the UK within cardiac rehabilitation before moving to Sydney.  Lindsay has experience helping people from 18-99 years old with many different heart issues and other chronic conditions to recover, improve their lifestyle and reduce the risk of further cardiac or health conditions.  She is also qualified to work with people who have respiratory disease, cancer and those at risk of falls.  Most of all, she is passionate about spreading the word that it’s never too early or too late to start your exercise journey.



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