Zoe Tanti

Zoe Tanti

Accredited Exercise Physiologist


Zoe Tanti’s passion for tennis propelled her to compete at highly competitive levels throughout her primary school years. In year seven she was awarded a prestigious Tennis scholarship to attend Meriden High School, where she became an integral part of their renowned Tennis academy, affording her the opportunity to train during school hours. Her dedication paid off in grade nine when she participated in her first international tournament, which opened doors to numerous prospects in her sporting career.

By grade 11, Zoe had achieved a remarkable feat, reaching top 700 junior ranking worldwide. This achievement earned her another significant opportunity – an Athletic scholarship at the university of Southern Utah, USA. During her four years at college, Zoe balanced her intensive sports commitments while diligently pursuing her bachelor’s degree in exercise science.

Upon returning home, Zoe’s professional journal as an Exercise Scientist led her to discover a newfound passion for exercise therapy in injury and chronic disease management. This revelation motivated her to pursue a master’s degree in Exercise Physiology at Australian Catholic University. Zoe’s specialisation lies in working with athletes and clients with neurological conditions. As an exercise physiologist, her primary goal is to forge close connections with her clients, ensuring they receive the finest exercise programs tailored to help them achieve their individual objectives.



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