Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is an Exercise Physiologist?

A. Exercise Physiologists are university qualified allied health professionals. Through a minimum of 4 years at university they have attained the knowledge, skills and competencies to design specific exercise programs and treat people with acute, sub-acute or chronic medical conditions, injuries or disabilities. 

Q. Can I use Medicare or my health fund for treatment?

A. As Exercise Physiologists are allied health professionals, patients can claim a Medicare rebate if their GP has referred them through a Chronic disease management Plan (CDMP). Alternatively, most Health insurers also provide a rebate if Exercise Physiology is part of your extras package. 

Q. What can I expect in my Initial Session with an Exercise Physiologist?

A. As we try to make the sessions specific to you and your condition, the experience may be different for each individual. We would start the session with some specific questions regarding your condition and concerns, examine any scans or reports you have brought along, followed by a physical examination which can include; a cardiovascular test, range of motion testing, strength testing or any other test we find necessary. Most importantly to finish we will answer any questions you have, translate the results, and begin to work on specific goal setting with you. 

Q. What should I wear?

A. As we will be conducting a physical assessment, comfortable clothing or even workout gear would be most appropriate.

Q. Methods of Payment?

A. We accept EFTPOS at time of session, or we invoice fortnightly for you to pay via EFT

Q. Do we offer discounts for multiple sessions or packages?

A. We do not offer discounts for bulk sessions or provide packages. 

Q. What is the difference between an Exercise Physiologist and a Personal Trainer?

A. Exercise Physiologist’s spend a minimum of 4 years at university to become a qualified Allied Health Professional similar to physiotherapists. Exercise Physiologists specialise in treating and training people with Chronic injuries or conditions with exercise. We are fully qualified and insured to work with people with ongoing injuries and conditions.
Personal trainers have a Certificate 3 or 4 in Fitness and are considered Fitness Professionals as compared to Exercise Physiologists who are Allied Health Professionals.

Q. Do you work with my GP and Physiotherapist or any other trainer?

A. Absolutely. We aim to ensure that you are receiving a holistic treatment plan and ensure that we discuss all progress and concerns with all parties involved with your treatment. This means regular phone calls and emails to ensure all information is updated as we go. 

Q. I’m not currently injured or in pain, and I don’t have a condition. What is there to work on?

A. Rehabilitation is not the only benefit you receive from seeing an exercise Physiologist. We can also train you for physical development to meet new goals or prepare for an upcoming sporting event or trip away. We can also work on injury prevention to ensure you stay at your favourite sport longer.