Our points of difference

How Longevity is revolutionising Australia’s approach to health and fitness.

Long-term approach to health.
Setting our clients up for success now and into the future

Our approach is dedicated to enhancing both lifespan and healthspan. We want our clients to live longer, healthier and happier lives. We empower our clients to be proactive in maintaining their health now into the future. To achieve this, our Exercise Physiologist will help you set both short and long term goals, and will work with you to ensure you have the capacity and stamina to achieve these.

Gym based, making us accessible to the community

We believe in making gym based exercise a foundation for everyone. We have fostered a sense of community within our gym locations that inspires and motivates, ensuring all our clients feel comfortable and confident in a gym setting. We understand for some individuals, gym based exercise may not be possible, which is why we also offer home visits and Telehealth consults. Our goal is to make Exercise Physiology accessible for everyone, so that we can improve the health of our communities.

One on one 60minute consults, taking an individualised approach to your health

Having 60minutes of uninterrupted time with you and a health professional is something that is unique to Longevity. We achieve life changing results by individualising the client experience, presenting our clients with a strategy that will address their specific health and fitness needs. We deliver individualised exercise prescription and education to assist and empower our clients to manage their health with outside of their supervised sessions. Our extended consults ensure that we deliver a high quality service that prioritises your safety and gets results.

Direct contact with your Exercise Physiologist

Before you even have your initial consult with one of our Exercise Physiologists, you will have spoken to them directly. This sets the tone for the rest of your journey with Longevity, where you will have direct contact with your Exercise Physiologist. We pride ourselves on being able to support our clients outside of their supervised sessions. Your Exercise Physiologist will act as your ultimate accountably partner. This direct line of communication ensures a highly personalised and responsive approach. We prioritise your health and well-being by making sure we are only ever a call away.


Collaboration is one of Longevity’s core values, which has led us to taking a multidisciplinary approach to achieve great client results. We will be at the centre of your health, and liaise with other treating practitioners including GPs, specialist and allied health to develop the best possible plan for you. Our team’s collaborative effort also means that you benefit from the collective expertise of our entire team. We create a supportive community where you can access the knowledge and support of all our Longevity Exercise Physiologists.

Lifetime booking system

Our lifetime booking system signals our long term commitment to our clients and their health. We offer our clients the same reserved time slot each week. This helps our clients stay consistent with their exercise and ensures it remains a priority around their busy schedules. We are here to support our clients through all stages of life, modifying and redirecting your strategy as your goals and priorities change. At Longevity, we are with you for the long haul, and will always find ways to help you achieve your next fitness or health goal.