The Longevity Exercise Physiology team in EdgecliffMarrickville, Randwick, Lindfield and Drummoyne frequently work with individuals who have physical disabilities both through the NDIS and privately. Due to the circumstances of the current COVID-19 environment, we can now offer these participants home visits, outdoor sessions, clinic-based exercise and sessions online via video conference (telehealth).

For those with physical disabilities, an exercise physiologist can turn your social distancing/self isolation into an unexpected advantage for your physical health and functional capacity. Here are 5 reasons why now is the time to take a step towards your goals:

  1. The environment is what you are comfortable with

When you are able to exercise at home, there is no energy (physical or mental) given to accessibility, parking and navigating an unfamiliar environment.

  1. Time efficiency

Exercising at home takes away the time to get out of your home and to the car, to the gym and back, potentially involving many transfers and time consuming maneuvering. This means that a 1 hour exercise session will take 1 hour, every time, and you will not have to plan an extended period of time to ensure you get your activity in.

  1. Using everyday challenges to guide your training

Training to cope with a physical disability often involves some aspect of recreating challenging tasks in your day to day life. If you have a treatment session while at home, you can simply show your exercise physiologist the chair you have trouble getting out of, the steps you find particularly challenging or the cupboard you can’t easily reach. They will then be able to prescribe your exercise with the most accurate information to help you achieve your goals and tackle your challenges.

  1. You don’t need equipment

Using the advantage of using the home for functional activities means that (depending on your situation) you will need very little, if any, equipment. You can simply use the object you have around your home and your bodyweight itself to improve your cardiovascular fitness, strength, mobility, balance, endurance, stability or function.

  1. You can learn exercises to perform with what you already have

While the gym creates the opportunity for new, novel stimulus that can be highly beneficial, the equipment comes with the downfall that you require a gym in order to reach your goals. When you learn to use object you already have, you can easily adhere to your program as outlined by your exercise physiologist. This allows you to takes your treatment into your own hands and do a higher total volume of work throughout the week, progressing towards your goals faster than ever.

To set up a private virtual session with a world class exercise physiologist, contact Longevity Exercise Physiology:  1300 964 002


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