Today, Longevity Exercise Physiology ask Zac, recent new graduate and latest Exercise Physiologist to join the team at Castle Hill, why he decided to pursue a career with Longevity.

Starting your first Job after graduating university is a daunting proposition.  Having the last 5 years of your life planned for you by university curriculums and outlines, to the uncertainty and anxiety of entering the professional job market for the first time is real. Thankfully, I was lucky enough to  join the Longevity team at Castle Hill and experience so far has been nothing short of exceptional. 

Like a lot of students, post graduating I decided to take some time off and after finishing in June of 2023. I knew I did not want to work in an office as a rehabilitation consultant, after all, the reason I had pursued a career in exercise and health was to be a ‘boots on the ground’ clinician and have direct impact on a clients journey and results. I also knew I did not want to work as a mobile Exercise Physiologist, in which you have no ‘home base,’ missing out on team culture and direct mentoring. Upon viewing available jobs on SEEK, I was disheartened to see most available jobs were in fact for either Rehabilitation consultancy or mobile EP’s, until I found the add for Longevity.

Longevity promised I would be able to deliver world class exercise physiology services to a variety of clientele, be apart of a well established team culture fostering self-improvement, health, wealth, and happiness, a competitive industry salary and that I would receive high levels of support. It’s safe to say I applied quickly and that in my first few weeks at Longevity Castle Hill, this promise has been fulfilled.

It was less than 48hours after applying on seek that I was contacted by the Head of marketing and Client Experience, Georgia. This was followed by an interview conducted on site with Team Leader, Luke. It was during the interview that more clarity around the job description came, as well the Longevity points of difference. Longevity’s approach to client care resonated with me as a potential employee. Being  gym-based, offering individualised one on one consults ands taking a long term approach to health with their lifetime booking system demonstrates Longevity’s commitment to getting the absolute best results for their clients, and something that I wanted to be apart of. 

Following my interview came a string of phone calls from all levels of management, checking in and keeping me updated. It was a few days after the interview that I received a call from Longevity Director, Jarrat Wood, offering me a full time position to join the team at Castle Hill. 

Despite accepting the position in mid-November,  I did not start until January 11th. This was due partly to the unexpected speed in which Longevity had responded, interviewed, reference checked and offered me the job. I had already booked a holiday for December and honestly wasn’t expecting to be offered a position before then. I greatly appreciate how flexible Longevity were with setting my start date. This allowed me two months finish up with my previous employer, go on my holiday and enjoy a stress-free Christmas/new year’s period knowing I had a job ready to go. Despite not having worked a day for Longevity, not only was I invited to the company Christmas party in late November, I was even involved in the traditional Secret Santa. 

My first 2 weeks at Longevity Castle Hill were so much better than I could have ever expected. I officially started with Longevity on the first day of their annual retreat in Newcastle. This was a fantastic opportunity to meet and connect with the wider team, while learning more about the Longevity vision and mission. 

 The amount of support and guidance provided, and available resources is immense. Not only do Longevity provide an incredibly detailed and structured onboarding process, but they also pair it with regular check-ins and direction from senior management, team leaders and Jarrat himself. I have received countless calls and messages from other team members welcoming me to the team and reassuring me that I have their numbers if I need it to reach out for anything.

There is a strong culture of continuous self-improvement at Longevity and an extensive list of resources available to assist with both personal and professional development. It is clear that Longevity are committed to investing in their staff, not only to help them become better practitioners, but also just better people. 

Most importantly, it is clear that Longevity deliver world class exercise physiology services to a wide range of clientele, implementing evidence-based, appropriate and individualised exercise prescriptions to all of their clients.

It is safe to say Longevity has provided the limitless platform I wanted and needed to take my career as far as I chose, and I am more than excited to see what I can achieve as part of their team.

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Written by Zac Laws