As part of our critical response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Longevity Exercise Physiology is offering a range of new services. It is a challenging time for everyone’s health as we all seek to reduce the risk of infection but it is Longevity’s job to remind everyone of the importance of exercise for our overall wellbeing. These two things are not mutually exclusive. We can minimise our risk and continue exercising. It also provides a more positive way to approach this crisis as our mental state is extremely important, so we want to spread clear information but also remain optimistic.


Our new services will include:

  1. Exercise Physiology Video Consultations

  2. Exercise Physiology Phone Consultations

  3. Exercise Physiology Home Visits

  4. Exercise Physiology Outdoor/Park Sessions


We will also offer these services for Personal Training clients.

We will be constantly reviewing these services as the COVID-19 situation unfolds.


In today’s blog, we will outline the details for the first 2 of these services:

Exercise Physiology Video Consultations

Exercise Physiology Phone Consultations



If you are self-isolating and still looking to continue with your regular Exercise Physiology routine, Longevity are offering a non-physical contact solution that can be performed from your home.

These sessions do not replace the value of attending the gym and being supervised by your exercise physiologist in person, however, they do provide an option to continue exercising and engaging with your normal community, which remains crucial in the current environment.

Depending on your training needs, accessibility and access to technology – there are several options that can provide you with direct verbal contact with your exercise physiologist as you exercise.

Option 1: Telehealth via Physitrack/Physi-app

  • Your Exercise Physiologist will video call you via a Physitrack app by sending you an email link to initiate contact
  • You will be able to see your Exercise Physiologist as well as videos demonstrating your exercise program
  • You will then perform your exercises
  • Your Exercise Physiologist will observe you perform your exercises and will be able to provide you with feedback and adjustments

Option 2: Video Call via Facetime/Whats app

  • Your Exercise Physiologist will video call you at an arranged time
  • They will demonstrate exercises and guide you through a home-based exercise routine
  • Your Exercise Physiologist will observe you perform your exercises and will be able to provide you with feedback and adjustments

Option 3: Standard Phone Call

  • Your Exercise Physiologist will call you via mobile/landline.
  • You can place them on speaker and be guided through a home-based exercise routine


Benefits of Telephone and Video Consultations with Longevity

  • You can still be guided through a safe, individualised training program and maintain session variety
  • Be given feedback on technique
  • Ensure the exercises you are performing at home are appropriate for you – i.e prevent injury, ensure your routine is effective
  • Have exercises adjusted (progressed, regressed, changed) to suit your needs in real time
  •  Support and positive encouragement from your Exercise Physiologist
  • Stay accountable to your health and fitness goals – maintain the progress you have already made whilst working with your Exercise Physiologist
  • Prevent social isolation
  • Something to look forward to and enjoy


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