Have you or anyone you know had their orthopaedic surgery postponed due to the effects of Coronavirus (Covid-19)? NOW is the best time to improve your Quality of life and greatly improve your surgical outcome.

As of April 1st Category 3 and some Category 2 elective surgery will be postponed due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Unfortunately, for a lot of Australians this means waiting potentially months for surgeries including Knee Arthroscopes, Knee replacements, Hip Arthroscopes, Hip replacements, Rotator cuff repairs and ankle surgeries.

Fortunately, now is the best time to start improving your Strength and endurance in preparation for surgery. While most of us are self-isolating and trying to break up the monotony of the day, it is the perfect time to start Pre-habilitating your injury to greatly improve the outcome of your surgery and improve your quality of life.

Compound and Unilateral exercises such as sit to stands, lunges, wall push ups, leg extensions, hip bridges, hamstring bridges and rows have been proven to increase muscle strength, pain reduction and quality of life prior to orthopaedic surgery.

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This exercise prescription has also shown to improve the outcome and recovery period after surgery, reducing pain scores, return to activities of daily living such as driving, walking, housework and most importantly return to sport.

Click HERE to read: Effect of preoperative exercise on measures of functional status in men and women undergoing total hip and knee arthroplasty

The number one complaint people have for requiring surgery is pain. Exercise Physiologists are specialists in prescribing exercise for chronic conditions or injuries and can help with delivering the perfect, individualised program for you in preparation of your surgery. Treatment can be specifically tailored to reduce your  level of pain and can be achieved in small bursts throughout the week.


Longevity offer Telehealth for those in self-isolation or Face-to-Face consults for those who need more specificity in their prescription. If you or anyone you know has had a surgery postponed and want to ensure the best outcome possible – Contact Longevity on 1300 964 002 to speak to an Exercise Physiologist that can help you today.