Nikki Bohringer

Nikki Bohringer

Administration Manager


Nikki was born in Frankfurt, Germany and grew up a military kid moving from place to place with her family finally settling in Lexington, Kentucky.

During her school years she participated in Track and Field, later transitioning to Colorguard, which is an extension of Marching Band. This was a passion she lived day in, and day out until her high school graduation. Alongside a passion for oil painting.

At 21, after attaining her Associates degree in Arts and Sciences, she picked up and moved to Australia to be closer to her partner.

10 years, a husband, and two kids later, she’s living in Sydney, now continuing her career in the health industry with Longevity at our Neutral Bay location. From 2016 she worked for 2 years as a florist in Surry Hills until the arrival of her daughter in 2018, and her son in 2020.

Her weekends are spent soaking up the fun times with her husband, and kids. She loves to host a meal and connect with people on a deeper level!


Neutral Bay

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