Initially during the COVID-19 pandemic we all thought working from home was going to be temporary, but now people are continuing to work from home as it has shown many benefits for work productivity.

However, we have also seen the negative effects of working from home on peoples’ physical wellbeing.

Today, Longevity Exercise Physiology Drummoyne, EdgecliffMarrickvilleCastle HillRandwickPymbleBalmain, Kingsgrove, Neutral Bay, Coburg – Melbourne, and Barrie, Ontario – Canada   discuss the strategies you can implement into you daily work life schedule to ensure your working from home routine isn’t causing you more harm than good.


The negative impact of working from home on your health

Working from home is increasingly causing negative effects in a persons’ wellbeing in today’s society. Some of these reasons include,

  • Reduced incidental physical activity that people would usually have since they’re not commuting to work. i.e no walking/cycling to the office, no walking to get lunch.
  • Reduced convenience. Since there is no longer a gym on the way to or from work it is no longer convenient to go so you’ve stopped.
  • Increased sedentary behaviour. Since the couch is right next to your desk it’s easy to just plop down when you’re exhausted after a full days work or during your lunch break.
  • Broken routine: Since you don’t have to commute to work you wake up later, you eat more since you have your pantry right next to you, you go to sleep later and you find yourself napping more.


How can an Exercise Physiologist help?

Sounding all too familiar? Here’s how one of Longevity’s Exercise Physiologists near you can help break these bad habits.

  1. We will use our expertise to construct a program best suited to you. Taking the thought and stress of programming for yourself away.
  2. Having the appointment will hold you accountable to completing the exercise. Not just at the gym – but to complete home exercise programs.
  3. We will use our skills to help you plan out a program and timetable, that best suits your needs and abilities. Whether is 15 minutes or a 2hr block we will find what works. The best exercise is the one that gets done.

Some of the additional benefits of doing coming to see an Exercise Physiologist during your working day include,

  • Gyms are quietest at lunch time = stress free environment
  • A complete mental and physical refresh so you can power through the second half of your work day
  • Break up the 8+ hour slog of your work day. Get out for some social interaction, IN PERSON


Utilise your lunch break and come see one of our Longevity Exercise Physiologists near you today!

If you, or anyone you know of are struggling to maintain routine and healthy lifestyle habits with a working from home schedule and are interested in utilising the expertise of an Exercise Physiologist in helping them maximise their working day and their health give Longevity Exercise Physiology a call on 1300 964 002 today!


Written by Grayson Kieran