Longevity Exercise Physiology Drummoyne, Edgecliff, Marrickville, Bella VistaRandwickLindfield and Balmain today discuss who we believe should be consulting an Exercise Physiologist.

Who do Exercise Physiologists help? To answer this question, we first must explain who and what an Exercise Physiologist is. Exercise Physiologists are Allied Health Professionals with a minimum of 4 years university study. Exercise Physiologists specialise in prescribing exercise as medicine for people with chronic conditions, injuries, and disabilities. Exercise Physiologists can help prevent or treat chronic metabolic conditions, disability, or musculoskeletal injuries.

However, this certainly does not mean we only help people with chronic injury or illness. In fact, a lot of our clients at Longevity are otherwise apparently healthy! To put it simply, anyone who is looking to make a health-related lifestyle change should consult an Exercise Physiologist.

So who do you know who should see an Exercise Physiologist? What we probably should be asking is, who do you know who shouldn’t see an Exercise Physiologist? Probably no one!

The Australian Physical Activity guidelines recommend a minimum of 150minutes of moderate intensity aerobic exercise and two strength sessions a week. In 2017-18, only 15% of adults met the guidelines. What can we interpret from this shocking statistic? At least 85% of the Australian adult population should be seeing an Exercise Physiologist! Why? Because making a sustained health related change is hard work. An individual often needs a large support network to increase their likelihood of success, and that is where we as Exercise Physiologist come in.

An Exercise Physiologists role is not limited to rehab and management of chronic health conditions. Arguably, an Exercise Physiologist most important job is keeping you on track and making sure you are doing your Exercise homework!  Many of our clients at Longevity who have trained with us for many years still choose to see an Exercise Physiologist regularly even though they have already developed the tools to exercise safely on their own. Why? Because having someone their to hold you accountable, encourage you and provide variety to your exercise routine is invaluable.

If we as Exercise Physiologist make even the smallest impact and have 20% of the Australian population meeting the Australian Physical guidelines instead of 15%, that’s potentially 5% of the population that are less likely to develop heart disease, diabetes and dementia. Imagine the impact that could have on our health care system! The key to a happier and healthier Australia is prevention, and that all starts with regular exercise. We should not be waiting until when develop multiple comorbidities to make a change.

Sometimes making a change can be easier with a friend. The chances are after reading this blog you can probably think of at least one friend or family member who needs to consult an Exercise Physiologist. So why not make a change together!

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Written By Georgia Wassall


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