Father’s Day is approaching fast. This week our Longevity Exercise Physiology Drummoyne, EdgecliffMarrickvilleCastle HillRandwickPymbleKingsgrove,Neutral Bay and Coburg teams reflected on fatherhood and our changing health attitudes across the lifespan.

“It’s Only Natural to Change Your Attitude to Health After Becoming a Father.”

Everything means more when you do it for a higher purpose. For most men there are few greater reasons to apply ourselves, have discipline and achieve, than to do it for our families.

As someone who has always considered that they take a long term approach to their health, this was brought home even more to me when Marcella and I welcomed our first child into the World just a few weeks ago. I have always been mindful of setting myself up to be able to do things long term for my family and for my children but now it was REAL. Very REAL! Suddenly you can picture yourself doing things with her, and for her, for the rest of her life – playing together, coaching, holidays and travel are all on the list.

“Suddenly, I find myself doing the maths on when she might want to do a long hike, or a fun run or just wants to play a game against Dad in whatever sport she falls in love with. I calculate what age I might be and what capacity I might need to be able make that moment enjoyable and memorable.” There is no price to be placed on being able to enjoy these experiences. I know now more than ever that with a sustainable, long term approach that I can have more of these experiences and priceless moments. Without this approach I will be costing myself and my family.

This is no easy task. We are all either subconsciously or consciously weighing up the short term benefits and gratification versus the long term and delayed gratification. This can be as simple as refusing to visit a Doctor today to get more done at work. This is something we can all relate to at some point in our lives. Conversely, and more specifically in relation to exercise, a regular investment in ourselves ultimately allows us to do MORE not LESS for our families. A regular appointment with an Exercise Physiologist once or twice per week is one of the most effective ways to do this. It will be our ability to move that will dictate so many of our future experiences with our families. How long will you be able to run for? Squat? Ride a bike? Hike? Handle altitude or extreme weather? Fly? Sit and stand? Shower yourself? Go to the bathroom?

The biggest burden we place on our family is later in life. Someone (most likely a family member) will need to take care of us – or make the tough decision to arrange for someone else to. Lifespan and Healthspan are not the same thing. We will want to be able to maintain our healthspan (quality of life) as deep into our lifespan as possible. None of us want to regret the short term trade-offs we have made earlier in life when we become a potential burden to our families later. There is no better time to start thinking long term than now. I encourage all of our men and Dad’s out there to take that approach and utilise the expertise of a Longevity Exercise Physiologist to do just that.

Whilst there have been significant improvements in men’s approach to their health over the years there is still a reluctance for men to take pro-active action or early intervention into their health. That is one of the reasons that I started Longevity and the philosophy it is founded upon when it comes to everyone’s health. My Paternal Grandfather passed away from a sudden heart attack and my Maternal Grandfather succumbed to two strokes and finally leukaemia. I know that these conditions would have been delayable, if not preventable through appropriate exercise intervention and individualised exercise prescription. But this would have required them to take action MUCH sooner!

It’s one of the reasons that I will be utilising an Exercise Physiologist for the rest of my life. Even with the qualifications and experience I have, the benefit of an independent opinion and second set of eyes is invaluable to me. I hope to see you in the gym soon – and Happy Father’s Day!

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Written By Jarrat Wood