Our team is always growing! This week our Longevity Exercise Physiology Drummoyne, EdgecliffMarrickvilleCastle HillRandwickPymbleKingsgrove,Neutral Bay and Coburg teams asked Maia, Accredited Exercise Physiologist at Edgecliff, to give us some insights into starting full-time work after university.

My New Grad Experience – Maia Berry

I was fortunate enough to complete one of my clinic placements at Longevity during March of this year. From here I was then given the opportunity to start part time work while I finished my master’s degree. This was not only giving me a head start to my career but was also taking a lot of stress off end of year assessments. Due to spending 6 weeks with the Edgecliff team already, the transition into part time work was very smooth.

“The shift from university to full time was initially an overwhelming thought but with the support from the whole team of 7 at Edgecliff I knew I could take on the challenge. “

 As my studies finished, I went into full time work with a full client case load as soon as I began. Although I was nervous about the immediate adjustment to full time hours, I was thankful that I had the whole team to lean on and ask any questions I had. It was also a great opportunity to see such a wide variety of clients within my first weeks of being an Exercise Physiologist, which I think is very rare and sparked my interest and passion for my work. I was able to develop my communication skills and rapport building very quickly, which I know will help me long-term with my career.

 Within this period, I was also able to begin to build my own caseload. This meant that I had to really develop my communication and rapport building skills from very early on. I am so grateful that I had my team mates and friends around me when I started as they were always happy to give me tips and tricks and were able to offer so much encouragement.

One of the most valuable parts of working at Longevity is the unlimited access that we have to 30+ experienced clinicians across all locations, including our director Jarrat. From my first week here it was made overtly clear that everyone was just a phone call away, which was extremely helpful for me as new grad with many questions. On multiple occasions I was able to reach out to Jarrat for advice on transitioning into the workforce as a new EP and how to go about having tricky conversation with clients. 

 As someone who is constantly looking to learn and grow, working for a company that values hard work and encourages ongoing personal and professional growth is really refreshing. As a new grad I have never once been made to feel as though there is a limit or ceiling placed on the pace and progression of my career. Due to being part of such a large team I am regularly exposed to examples of other team members success with clients and accelerating careers, inherently being a massive personal motivator. 

 I am now a few months into full time work, my hours have become more consistent and the hard work early on has really paid off. I can not only tell the respect that our clients have for the way we work as a community to provide them with the best care, but it is always made apparent that our hard work is valued and rewarded by the greater team and company as whole. I have also enjoyed unwinding and celebrating our efforts at the various social events. They really bring the whole team together and make me feel part of such an incredibly supportive community.








I feel as though the exposure to such a fast paced and proactive work environment has already given me such a kick start to my career. I have been constantly encouraged to grow my clinical and professional skills and am excited to see what else I can achieve with the support of the amazing team.


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Written by Maia Berry