Longevity Exercise Physiology Drummoyne, EdgecliffMarrickvilleBella VistaRandwick, PymbleBalmain and Neutral Bay are very excited to welcome one of our newest team member, Kevin, who will be working out of our Bella Vista location!


Kevin’s desire to enter the world of Exercise Physiology stemmed from his experience with elite athletes and sporting institutions, as well as through undergoing his own personal lifestyle changes to add exercise as a means of bettering his health. Playing tennis for more than 20 years, he has seen all levels of play. He was ranked in the top 150 players across all age groups and was the number 1 ranked high school tennis player in the country and was named into the Australian Merit Team in 2014.


He is also currently working as a tennis coach on the side, coaching children, and adults alike across all levels, and has found a strong passion for teaching and educating people on the benefits of exercise and movement after going through a personal weight loss journey that saw him lose 25kg of bodyweight.


After seeing the personal growth in both his mental and physical wellbeing after a few years of consistent exercise programming, Kevin found a desire to be able to provide this opportunity and knowledge to others who wanted to take charge of their own health to improve their quality of life.


With a background in tennis coaching, Kevin found a match in Exercise Physiology after realising the work would provide him with an ability to teach and learn from others as well as pass on his desire to provide personalised exercise prescriptions for the general community. After a brief interim, Kevin rekindled his passion for movement and exercise and became licensed as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist graduating from the University of Sydney. Through different placement experiences at university and personal family events, Kevin found himself feeling rewarded working with geriatric populations to promote healthy ageing, as well as working with clients with Parkinson’s Disease and other neurological diseases and mental health conditions.


With Kevin’s sporting and coaching background, he has been exposed to the benefits of exercise to health and obtained a broad range of knowledge and a deep appreciation of the roles that Exercise Physiologists play in improving health and quality of life.


Kevin is constantly looking to improve himself and the quality of life of the clients he works with, providing them with the means of bettering their own health and assisting them in reclaiming or maintaining their healthy independence and self-efficacy. This applies to people throughout the wider community, whether it be those with chronic health conditions, or people who are unfamiliar with exercise or would like to get into exercise.


Kevin understands that with consistent work comes consistent progress, and that with the appropriate guidance and assistance, everyone can achieve better health outcomes through the integration of exercise.


Written by Kevin Shu


Kevin is available for sessions at our Belle Vista location as well as home or outdoor sessions. To book your appointment or for a free 15-minute consult now, call 1300964002.