Client Success Story: How Alex got back into surfing!

Today, Longevity Exercise Physiology Drummoyne, EdgecliffMarrickvilleCastle HillRandwickPymbleKingsgrove, Neutral Bay, and Coburg, put the spotlight on one of our clients at Randwick who has achieved amazing results in the last year.  


At Longevity, we do our best to ensure our core values are at the heart of every client experience. Today, we are highlighting the success of a client from our Randwick gym, Alex*, whose journey exemplifies just this. 


Alex started with Longevity one year ago to help manage chronic lower back pain, sciatica and ongoing knee pain from an ACL surgery two years prior. These conditions had stopped her from doing activities she loved, including surfing and playing tennis with her friends. 


When Alex started, she was not able to deadlift more than 8kg, do a push up, or run without knee pain. Now, Alex has deadlifted 50kg, can do over 5 push ups on her toes and is able to run over 1km without needing a rest! She is back to playing tennis and goes surfing on most days of the week. Alex entered her first surfing competition this year, which she not only completed pain free, but also came second place!  



From Day 1, Alex has shared our number 1 value at Longevity, that HEALTH COMES FIRST. As a 45 year old mum of 2 kids with a busy work life, time is scarce. However Alex understands that prioritising exercise is integral to improving her health and enabling her to return to and maintain her active lifestyle. She is always on time and rarely misses a session. This commitment and trust to her exercise strategy is no doubt one of the biggest factors for Alex’s success.


“When Alex started she wasn’t able to deadlift more than 8kg or do run without knee pain… now she can deadlift 50kg and run over 1km without a rest!”


Another Longevity value is to be anti fragile – challenge strengthens us. Despite the apprehension that many clients face when starting exercise, particularly when they are fairly new to the gym environment, Alex takes on every challenge in her stride and always puts in 100% effort into her sessions. We started with 2 sessions a week out of Anytime Fitness in Randwick, from which Alex has been able to significantly improve her baseline strength and fitness. We then tailored her program to more specific surfing and tennis movements. Seeing how she could still move without any pain flare ups enhanced Alex’s confidence even more. 



A key aspect of Alex’s journey as a Longevity client has also been the collaboration with her health professional team including her GP and Physio. She was referred by her Physiotherapist and we continue to communicate with them to help co-ordinate her treatment and modify her exercise appropriately. 


When reflecting on her experience with Longevity, Alex says… “Eleni has been a saviour for me in 2022. My knee rehab was slow and cumbersome until I started training with Eleni. She took the time to understand what was holding me back and what I wanted to achieve. She held me accountable for my rehab and I am now back to my normal self. I am enjoying being back to my normal sporting activities and now focusing on additional goals to further improve my fitness level. I highly recommend Eleni, she has a genuine interest in her clients and the results speak for themselves. If you are stuck in your fitness, look no further and contact her!”  


“I am enjoying being back to my normal sporting activities and now focusing on additional goals to further improve my fitness level.”


Alex now has the confidence and skill to train in the gym on her own in addition to her Exercise Physiology sessions. Whilst she still has occasional flare ups in back pain, Alex has proven she can still train without increasing her pain and is able keep doing the activities that are meaningful to her. 





If you or someone you know of could benefit from a supervised exercise program call Longevity Exercise Physiology Drummoyne, EdgecliffMarrickvilleCastle HillRandwickPymbleKingsgrove, Neutral Bay, and Coburg on 1300 964 002 to enquire today! 

*Name changed for privacy reasons.

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