“We are both rusted on to each other, the dedication has been amazing.”- Andrew. 

As part of Client Appreciation week,  Longevity Exercise Physiology Drummoyne, EdgecliffMarrickvilleCastle HillRandwickPymbleKingsgrove, Neutral Bay and Coburg. would  like to shine a spotlight on Jess. Jess has been working with our Exercise Scientist, Andrew, since her teenage years. 

Jess started seeing Andrew during her high school years as a promising rower. She had initially come in to see Andrew due to consistent injuries and looking to improve her rowing. After high school, Jess was off to university and had to take a break from her sessions.

In 2016 following two microdiscectomies, Jess resumed sessions with Andrew. She knew she needed the support and guidance to help her make health a priority in her life again. 

“I realised I needed to stop expecting a surgery to fix me.” -Jess

Her surgeon was recommending another fusion which she didn’t want to have. Together Jess and Andrew put together a plan to give her the best chance at not needing the surgery.  Her doctor also wrote her a letter limiting her lifting capacity to 5kg. 


  1. Jess has now smashed the 5kg lifting capacity and is regularly deadlifting 90+kg!
  2. No further major surgeries have been done since re-commencing with Andrew in 2016

Why are you happy you decided to continue with Andrew and Longevity, Jess?

“It’s not an exaggeration to say that without Andrew I would not be living the rich and rewarding life I have. I was in a difficult place with chronic pain when I started back with him in 2016 and my world had become fairly small.  Together, we have defied expectations for my strength and conditioning. I have avoided further major surgery and I’m stronger than I’ve ever been. 

“As I’ve achieved new milestones in the gym I’ve been able to take that confidence into my day to day life, it’s had a direct impact on my willingness to try things I thought I might not be able to do any more.”- Jess.

Andrews Comments on Jess’ Journey

Jess has fully dedicated her self to training 2x a week at Longevity Neutral Bay and truly trusted in the process. 

“I could count on my hands the amount of times she has been late. She comes in twice a week, always has and always will.”- Andrew

Jess’ progress is a reflection of her trust and commitment to Andrew and Longevity. Her exercise sessions have become a non-negotiable in her weekly schedule. 

Jess has been touted for being a pinnacle of the community feel at the Longevity studio in Neutral Bay. Whether it’s her welcoming attitude to the other members in the studio or a deep dive into the cricket world, Jess really represents the Longevity community.

How has Andrew helped you overcome difficulties?

“Andrew is a treasure trove of information on a whole range of topics. His greatest strength is his compassion and his ability to look at his clients, their lives and the major influences in their life and develop a plan that works for them. Andrew has been able to draw out strengths and areas for further improvement that have had a positive impact on my life long after I’ve walked out of the gym. He is passionate about helping people and uses his wealth of knowledge and positive approach to make even the toughest day in the gym worthwhile.” -Jess.

After truly being rusted on to each other inside and outside of the gym, Andrew recently attended Jess’ wedding, meeting her loved ones and celebrating her great successes. Andrew reports Jess still didn’t take a session off in the week after her wedding!

Congratulations Andrew and Jess on the incredible results you have achieved together. Your story is a testament to your dedication and hard work. 

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Written By Grayson Kieran