Client Success Story: James’ journey to independence

Today, Longevity Exercise Physiology DrummoyneEdgecliff, Marrickville, Bella Vista, Randwick, Pymble, Bella Vista and Balmain put the spotlight on one of our clients at Pymble who has Parkinson’s Disease and has achieved amazing results in a very short time!


This week is Parkinson’s awareness week – Today we are highlighting a shining star in the Pymble gym, James* (name changed for privacy reasons).

James* was referred to Longevity at the beginning of the year to help prevent and combat the declines associated with Parkinson’s. He previously had a couple of bad falls and his balance was declining. James* is turning 85 this year and has the fight to kick on!

James* started with a main goal to maintain and improve his independence and prevent more falls from occurring.

He also wanted to be able to get up out of his chair with ease and improve his walking ability. He enjoys walking outside and having a good old yarn.

During our first couple of sessions James* was sitting on two pillows and using his arm rests when getting out of his chair. He wasn’t too confident in his balance and had to frequently take breaks during our walks.

Exercise Program

James* is currently doing 1 home visit a week – but he has been working extremely hard completing his home program daily. (This just goes to show how driven he is – you rock James!) Together we do dynamic strength and 

balance training followed by a walk outside when weather permits. James’* homework consists of TheraBand exercises that work on strength and dexterity.

Our sessions consistently include a 25 minute walk with only 1-2 short sitting breaks. I love these walks with James* as we talk about all things ranging from Tottenham Hotspur, stories from his past and his experience with Parkinson’s


In our most recent session James’* progress had truly shone. He was able to get up out of his chair 15 times with a small pillow under him without using any support. His movements were slow and controlled – goal number 1 smashed!

Following this we tested James’* balance where he was able to stand on one leg for 10 seconds, both sides. This displays huge improvements in his balance ability and goes hand in hand with James* being fall-free for at least a month.

Keep at it James*, you are a model example of what determination and exercise can do for Parkinson’s Disease!


If you or someone you know of is living with Parkinson’s Disease and could benefit from a supervised exercise program call Longevity Exercise Physiology Edgecliff, Pymble, Marrickville, Randwick, Drummoyne, Balmain, Bella Vista and Neutral Bay on 1300 964 002 to enquire today!


Written by Grayson Kieran 


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