Client Success Story: Making a Change for Our Children

As the back-to-school season unfolds and the routines settle in, it’s an opportune moment for our parents to shift their focus to self-care. 

At Longevity Exercise Physiology, we empathize with the challenges parents face, and we’re delighted to offer 50% off the initial consultation for all parents who join in February 2024.

In a world where parents often place themselves on the back burner, embracing self-care might seem unconventional. However, this isn’t just about you; it’s about setting an example for your children. 

Our team of Exercise Physiologists is helping parents prioritise their health. Beyond the direct health benefits, we will help you set and reach targets that enhance your engagement as a parent.

An amazing example of this is Sarah*, who initially sought our assistance with persistent knee pain, which prevented her from engaging in many activities. As her initial sessions were in school holidays, Sarah’s 10-year-old daughter observed her sessions. She watched Sarah engage in a variety of strength exercises, from lunges to deadlifts, that she hadn’t seen her mother do before.

Four weeks in, the transformation was not just physical but also emotional.

Her daughter, accustomed to relying on her dad’s strength for school rock climbing events, now sought her mum’s presence. Witnessing her mother’s strength in the gym had inspired her to see both parents as strong and healthy role models.

While the initial goal for Sarah was to improve her knee pain, the impact of Sarah prioritising her health extended far beyond the gym. Sarah’s daughter noticed her mum’s increased ability to tackle everyday tasks, like ascending stairs, showcasing the tangible benefits of a healthier lifestyle.

This story illustrates the emotional journey parents experience when prioritising their well-being. Not only do we look after ourselves, but we form new family memories and become a role model of the importance of health and exercise. With the guidance of Longevity Exercise Physiology, more parents can evolve into a better version of themselves for their family and have a ripple effect of positive change.

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*Name changed for privacy reasons


Written by Isaac Roman

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