In the realm of healthcare, it’s all too common to leave a consultation with a health professional only to wish for more time. Enter Longevity – here to revolutionise your healthcare experience. Our personalised 1:1, 60-minute consultations redefine the norm, providing you with the generous time necessary for comprehensive results, meaningful human interaction, and valuable education. Today, we spotlight our client, Alex, showcasing how our distinctive approach paves the way for transformative and life-changing results.

Meet Alex, who embarked on a life-changing journey with Longevity. Looking back to Alex’s initial consultation, he was struggling to ascend stairs and relying on two crutches, Alex’s mobility was severely limited, impacting both his physical abilities and overall well-being.

Recognising the need for a transformation, Alex understood that he couldn’t face this journey alone. That’s when he began his weekly one-on-one sessions with Longevity’s dedicated Exercise Physiologist, Izaac, in Marrickville.

Alex’s goals were diverse but shared a common thread—regaining independence. This included, climbing stairs confidently, walking without crutches, and standing independently. The multifaceted nature of his goals required a comprehensive approach, addressing cardiovascular fitness, lower and upper body strength, and looking into the future to attempt to prevent future chronic disease and illness. Alex had a lot he wanted to work on, but he knew with Longevity’s individualised approach he could be successful in achieving his goals.

Izaac, his Exercise Physiologist, ensured that each session was a combination of cardiovascular exercise and targeted strength training. His one-on-one sessions, lasted for a full hour, allowing for a focused and personalised approach, ensuring no aspect of his health was overlooked. Having this much time has been important for Alex to reach his goals, but also improve his overall health outlook at the same time.

From struggling to stand independently during the initial stages, Alex made significant progress. His determination, coupled with the support and expertise provided by Longevity, enabled him to transition from struggling with his mobility to confidently standing up out of a chair. As the sessions progressed, he moved from two crutches to one and now only relies on one crutch in public settings.

One of the most heart-warming outcomes of Alex’s journey was the joy it brought to his family, particularly his wife, with Alex stating that “she is the happiest out of everyone!”. 

Alex’s newfound ability to navigate public transport seats means they could travel more freely. A simple yet profound improvement that has significantly enhanced their quality of life.


The secret to Alex’s success lay in the personalised, one-on-one sessions that Longevity offers. The hour-long duration allowed for a comprehensive and tailored approach, addressing the intricate facets of his goals. The focused attention and guidance from Izaac, his Exercise Physiologist, were instrumental in achieving these transformative results. Alex also gets to build his sense of community through developing a strong relationship with Izaac and our other Exercise Physiologists and Longevity clients at Marrickville.

Alex’s commitment to exercise and comprehensive one-hour sessions with Izaac has not only helped him achieve his initial goals but has empowered him to set new milestones and embrace a life of increased independence. Alex continues to see Izaac twice per week now to target his next goals of progressing off the crutches completely.

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Written by Isaac Roman