Direct Line to Longevity: Revolutionising How You Communicate with Health Professionals

Before you even have your initial consult with one of our Exercise Physiologists, you will have spoken to them directly. This sets the tone for the rest of your journey with Longevity, where you will have direct contact with your Exercise Physiologist. We believe in breaking down communication barriers between health professionals and clients to foster a more supportive and personalised approach to health and fitness. 

Today, we ask Alex, our Exercise Physiologist at Neutral Bay, how our approach has assisted him in achieving excellent outcomes for our clients.

Before joining the Longevity team, I witnessed the frustration that clients experienced when they had to wait between sessions to address questions or concerns. This delay often hindered their progress in their health and fitness journey. At Longevity, we prioritise direct contact between clients and Exercise Physiologists (EPs). This open line of communication allows clients to receive immediate support and guidance in decision-making related to their exercise journey.

The primary role of an Exercise Physiologist is to facilitate behaviour change that allows our clients to live happier and healthier lives. To achieve this, we understand that this support cannot be limited to face to face sessions.

By allowing our clients to have access to their Exercise Physiologists personal mobile number, we have eliminated this barrier.  This unique approach reflects our commitment to our vision, to give the gift of Longevity through exercise. 

I’ve personally experienced the immense benefits of this approach in my role at Longevity. The ability to maintain direct contact with clients has significantly enhanced my capacity to care for them and develop genuine, personal relationships. Beyond the confines of our face-to-face sessions, this continuous communication allows me to check in on my clients’ progress and address any changes since our last session. This level of engagement is powerful, instilling a sense of safety and accountability for our clients outside of scheduled sessions. It also allows me to effectively program for our next face to face session, as I have immediate insight as to how my client is feeling. 

Moreover, our direct contact strategy is a two-way street. It’s not just about addressing fitness-related concerns; it’s an opportunity to share moments of our lives with clients. By appreciating and exchanging photos of furry friends and holiday destinations, we create a bond that goes beyond the traditional client-professional relationship. This personal connection fosters a supportive environment, reinforcing the idea that we’re not just helping clients achieve their fitness goals – we’re building a community that values their well-being and celebrates the richness of life outside the gym.

At Longevity, direct contact is more than a communication strategy; it’s a pathway to creating meaningful relationships, one of our core values.

Longevity stands out in the health and fitness industry by prioritising direct and continuous contact between clients and Exercise Physiologists, a practice not widely adopted elsewhere. Unlike traditional models that limit support to scheduled sessions, our unique approach ensures clients have ongoing, real-time access to professional guidance. This commitment sets us apart, breaking new ground in client-professional relationships and amplifying the effectiveness of our exercise strategies for our clients. 

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Written by Alexander Steinkamp

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