Client success story: How the Longevity Community Transformed Dalne’s Life

Meet Dalne, one of our amazing Longevity clients who has been training with our Marrickville and Rhodes Teams. Prioritising her health, and working towards her training goals whilst balancing a full-time career has been challenging. But with the guidance and tailored approach from the Longevity EP’s, and a shift towards placing a higher priority on her health, she has come leaps and bounds to achieve some incredible results. 

Today we’ll hear in Dalne’s own words, her inspiring journey, uncovering valuable insight into the realms of work, exercise and opening opportunity to the amazing outcomes that being part of our community can help you achieve. 

“I love all the EPs at Marrickville whether I train with them or not.  Each one of them is kind to me, interested in my progress and cares about my wellbeing. I love the banter and feel part of THE TEAM.  It is a place where I feel like I am accepted for who I am and where I belong.  Never ever in my life did I ever think I would say I feel like I belong in a gym.

As part of the Longevity community, being part of team ensures that we care for everyone, our employees just as much as our clients. We are a family. 

Our sessions are 1:1 and tailored to our clients specific needs and goals, but just like group class, you will feel apart of community.

“For me this makes a huge difference.  From day 1 I felt heard.  My main priority was psychological safety and Izaac did a fabulous job of creating that safety.  I am encouraged to push myself to reach new goals and confident that when I have tried and find it too taxing, we will make a change or stop.  The respect for my boundaries has changed my approach to challenges from I can’t to let’s try and see if I can.

The constant recording of my results and measurement of my progress is very motivating. I call those iPads the encyclopedia of Dalne. I believe what you measure you can manage!! These records often come in most handy on my not so good days.  On those occasion looking back at where I have come from is comforting and turns a down day into a day that should be celebrated.” 

“I can do hard things; I have perseverance and I can exercise with the right guidance even when injured or experience pain.  I can push 105 kgs on the leg press and do 10 push ups on the floor.  I can now do what I for most of my life believed was impossible for Dalne.

I have experienced the good feelings that are the result of physical activity.  I have so many times in my life been told about these good feeling but until I started exercising with Longevity, I have not experienced it myself.  I never leave a session feeling worse than I did at the start.”

Dalne through her journey at Longevity has learnt so much and been able to achieve great results through her training. Progressively introducing new exercises and slowly increasing weight, she went from bodyweight to machines and now she is able to complete compound free weight movements and perform sprints during her cardio protocols. She has also lost  an incredible 20kg. 

“I have never been comfortable with the idea of growing old.  I don’t want to turn 100, I want to exit this world while I can still make a difference and before I become a burden to society.  Exercise and the work I am doing with my EPs is the key to quality of life and healthy aging.

I had bariatric metabolic correction surgery 4 weeks ago. Having added exercise to my routine enabled me to take this important health decision. The pre-rehabilitation made a phenomenal difference to my recovery, and I was back in the gym with Vasco one week after surgery. I am a convert, and my core beliefs now include the fact that exercise is medicine.

The goals I achieve in the gym and the confidence I have built in my physical ability (I arrived to training with Izaac telling him I had zero confidence in my physical ability) has permeated  through my whole life.  That confidence is not limited to just the gym and exercise.  I am more confident and prepared to give things a go in all aspects of my life. I cannot thank Izaac, Vasco, the Marrickville team and the whole of Longevity enough for this.”

What is the Longevity Difference? 

At Longevity Exercise Physiology, we make sure you are part of our family! We tailor each session to your needs and goals, providing a one-to-one session but always make sure that we introduce you to everyone in our community to build those connections and friendships. 

Being a longevity client means you get the same time slot each week, providing consistency and helping create good training habits and routine to help keep working towards your goals. 

Written by Cerissa Dimarchos


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