Client Success Story: Exercise Right Week

Today, Longevity Exercise Physiology Drummoyne, EdgecliffMarrickvilleBella VistaRandwickPymbleBalmainNeutral Bay and Coburg, Melbourne want to recognise two of our clients who have made huge progress in their fitness journeys.


Exercise Right Week is a campaign that looks to display the benefits of exercise for health and wellbeing. It also looks to educate Australians on where to go in search for the “right’ advice for their health and fitness journey.

The team at Longevity strongly believe that there is a suitable and right kind of exercise for everybody. We have a strong passion for helping people find exercise that suits their needs, but most importantly, their interests. We treat the individual as well as the condition!

This ‘Exercise Right Week’ we thought it was fitting to shine a spotlight on two clients from our Drummoyne and Edgecliff locations. Molly* and Michelle* have made massive progress in their individual programs and deserve to be recognised!



Molly started training with Georgia, our Exercise Physiologist in Drummoyne in February. Molly was referred to see an EP by her GP for management of her blood sugar levels and knee pain related to osteoarthritis. Molly was also wanting to lose weight for her son’s wedding next year.

Molly began training with Georgia twice a week. In her sessions, Molly completed cardiovascular training to improve her fitness and help with weight loss. She also did resistance training exercises that were aimed at improving her whole-body strength and pain free movement at her knee.

After 3 months of consistent training, Molly has seen fantastic improvements in her overall health and wellbeing. Molly can now walk for an hour without knee pain, and no longer has pain walking up and down the stairs. She feels as though she has more energy and finds day to day takes a little easier!


Molly’s metabolic profile has improved significantly, she is no longer considered pre diabetic and her cholesterol levels have improved.


She has lost 7kg and seen a reduction in her waist circumference. Molly still trains with Georgia once a week and completes a home resistance training program in her apartment gym.


Well done Molly, your commitment and hard work has not gone unnoticed. It’s amazing what adherence to the right kind of exercise can do!


Now we head to Edgecliff to shine the light on Michelle, who has been training with Nate.



Michelle is a 54-year old referred to Longevity Edgecliff at the beginning of February from her Doctor under a WorkCover claim. She had been diagnosed with muscle and ligament damage, as well as a bulging, and herniated disc in her lumbar spine following two workplace injuries 4, and 9 months prior to starting treatment.Michelle’s injuries were affecting her daily life and ability to work. Eventually the pain getting so bad she couldn’t get out of bed.


Her main goal was to be able to return to full duties at work, and to start living her life pain-free again.


Michelle’s exercise plan began with 2 sessions a week, focusing on improving her strength and confidence through all planes of motion for her lumbar spine. Exercises that built on the activities she needed for work were also prescribed to ensure that she would meet her goal.

Additionally, she was provided with education on the natural course of lower back injuries and pain, encouraging her not to define herself by her injury, and to focus on what activity she could do, rather than what she couldn’t.

After 3 months of training, Michelle had totally regained her confidence, returned to full duties at work, and had a strong exercise routine in place to continue building muscular strength and endurance in her lower back and core.


Awesome job Michelle – we love to hear that you are back to your normal life and are striving to continue your progress.


Well done to our team members Georgia and Nate, it is evident you guys take the extra step in finding the right kind of exercise for your clients, to make sure it is specific to their needs.


If you are looking for guidance as to the right kind of exercise for you – whether that means finding the type that will achieve the most benefits for your needs or simply the type that you enjoy Longevity Exercise Physiologists are here to help. Call Longevity Drummoyne, EdgecliffMarrickvilleBella VistaRandwickPymbleBalmainNeutral Bay and Coburg, Melbourne, on 1300 964 002 to enquire today!


Written by Grayson Kieran

*Names changed for privacy




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