At Longevity Exercise Physiology Drummoyne, EdgecliffMarrickvilleCastle HillRandwickPymbleKingsgrove, Neutral Bay and Coburg, we’re thrilled to celebrate Client Appreciation Week by sharing another inspiring success story. Today, we shine a spotlight on Bridget, whose life was transformed through her two-year journey with Longevity.

Bridget’s adventure with Longevity commenced two years ago when she embarked on a paired training session in Edgecliff with another client. However, it wasn’t long before our Longevity Exercise Physiologist recognised that Bridget had distinct health goals and would receive more value if she transitioned to one-on-one sessions. Bridget began training with our Exercise Physiologist Ellen, twice a week, marking a turning point in Bridget’s fitness journey.

Working closely with Ellen, together they created an individualised exercise strategy specifically designed to address her health and fitness goals. While Bridget had always been active, she grappled with ongoing sciatica, back pain, shoulder, and hip bursitis. These issues had started to impede her daily life and hinder her from participating in activities she loved. 

Training with Longevity became a game-changer for Bridget. 

I have several injuries and issues, and each is carefully managed. I’ve found that the consistency of doing weights twice a week has meant that I rarely have a flare-up of any of my problems anymore.” Bridget is now back to enjoying pilates, running, and swimming.

Beyond her progress, Bridget cherishes being a part of the Longevity community. Sessions at Longevity are not only about training but also about interacting with other clients and Exercise Physiologists who have become her friends. 

Ellen in particular is fun to work with, she’s always pushing me and even has me boxing! The team at Longevity are professionals, and manage to strike a balance between fun and hard work.

Like most parents, Bridget has a busy schedule and juggles many priorities between her work, family and social life. Being able to train with Ellen at the same time each week, created stability Bridget needed to ensure she continues to make exercise a priority whilst also being able to balance other commitments. Her dedication and consistency, turning up to her sessions with Ellen week in and week out,  have played a crucial role in her remarkable progress.

Bridget’s training sessions are always diverse, combining cardio and strength training to work towards her short and long-term goals. Having seen first hand the impact of bowel cancer in her family, Bridget is highly motivated to prevent future chronic health conditions. Longevity also collaborates closely with her wider health professional team including her Physiotherapist, Osteopath and Dietitian to help ensure Bridget can be moving and feeling her best for herself and her family in the future.

Approaching her 60th birthday, Bridget reflects on her journey, saying, “As I come up to my 60th birthday, I am probably the strongest I have been in years. It’s empowering to feel so fit and healthy at this age. i haven’t looked back since starting with Longevity and believe that staying strong will help me avoid injury and frailty as I age.” 

Bridget’s journey showcases the transformative potential of tailored exercise and the strong support system at Longevity. It’s a reminder that with the right guidance, determination, and community, anyone can achieve their health and fitness goals. We eagerly anticipate her progress in 2024 and applaud Bridget for her remarkable achievements and for being a source of inspiration to us all.

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Written By Eleni Bradley