Becoming a parent you realise one thing very quickly – how much energy your children have and how active they WANT to be.

Who can relate to getting home, wanting to relax, then next minute, they are pulling you off the couch to play outside!

This is such a great lifestyle habit to instil early on – it’s natural for children to want to move. As parents, we should be encouraging being physically active by setting an example.

We prioritise our health and fitness. As a parent, it may seem “to hard to find time,” but for our kids sake, exercise is simply not something we can neglect.



So what is at stake? Before you know it, playing with you children outside becomes a struggle, aches and pains will begin to set in and you’ll lose the energy to keep up. What is more important than being able to spend this time with your children playing together that you will NEVER get back again?

Your children will want to see you lead a healthy lifestyle. When they see you walking, running or going to the gym, you’re setting the example so that later in life, that’s what they will do too. And what more do we want for our kids than for them to live long, healthy and happy lives?

As Longevity Exercise Physiologists, we are here to help you become the best parent you can be. We are here to make sure you have the strength and stamina to keep up with your kids. Plus, as an added bonus, having an hour or two a week to yourself won’t go astray.

Don’t wait till its too late you lose this quality time with your children.

We’re delighted to offer 50% off the initial consultation for all parents who join in February 2024 to help you get started. 

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Written by Luke Dorzias