It’s now been almost a month since we’ve all made our New Years resolutions. How are you tracking with yours? 

It’s not too late to get some extra help. Today, we’re going showcase what you can expect after a full year of working with one of our Longevity Exercise Physiologists. 

Your first week with Longevity

  • You’ve had your pre-appointment call with your Longevity Exercise Physiologists, easing some of the nerves as you now have a clear idea of what to expect. 
  • You’ve completed your first 60minute one on one consult with one of our Exercise Physiologists, set both short and long term goals revolving around treatment, prevention and function.
  • Your Exercise Physiologist, with your permission, has followed up with any other healthcare professionals you are currently working with to get a better picture of how they can help you
  • Received a follow-up call from your Exercise physiologist and are booked in for your next session (*for the sake of the blog, we’ll say on Wednesday at 9am.)

You’ll have a clear, individualised strategy in place which is specific to you and your goals. Starting is always the hardest part, but you know you’re in good hands. 

3 months with Longevity 

  • You’ll have smashed your short term goals related to treatment of any existing injuries or chronic illness
  • You’ll see significant improvements strength, aerobic and body composition as part of your re assessment, changes will be notable!
  • You’ve gone from someone who never exercised in a gym to feeling confident in a gym setting and loving interacting with all our Longevity clients and other gym members during your sessions
  • In your day to day life, you’ll notice tasks are getting easier. For example, going up and down stairs, putting your pants on standing up, playing with your kids or getting up off the couch
  • You’ve formed a great connection with your Longevity Exercise Physiologist and the whole Longevity team from your weekly sessions. You’ve had regular contact you have with your Exercise Physiologist outside of sessions to check in and keep you accountable.
  • You’ll have reassessed your short and long term goals, as most of our clients tend to underestimate how much they can achieve with us in such a short amount of time. Perhaps that holiday at the end of the year isn’t so out of reach anymore. 

With consistent training and progressive overload as guided by our Exercise Physiologist, you will see significant changes in strength and cardiovascular fitness after just 6-8 weeks. 

6 months with Longevity

  • Halfway through the year now, your schedule has changed with holidays, work or school. But guess where you’ll be on Wednesday morning at 9am? With your Longevity Exercise Physiologist. Our lifetime booking system means you have the same time reserved for you each week, making it easy to continue to make exercise a priority. 
  • Your short term goals have now become a part of your every day life and your long term goals are starting to shape up well! You’ve booked that holiday over Christmas! 
  • You are back to doing things that you love better than ever & new things too
  • You are looking 10, 20 years into the future, and now understand that regular exercise is the best way to improve your lifespan and healthspan, allowing you to do the things you love for decades to come. 

After 6 months we commonly see massive changes in quality of health and life. You and those closest to you will notice significant improvements in your overall energy levels and function.

12 months and beyond with Longevity

  • A whole year has flown by and a well deserved break over the Christmas and New Years week is had
  • Reflecting on the multiple short and long term goals you’ve achieved. The sky seems like the limit as you set your new goals for next year.
  • On your holiday you’ve thought of something you want to do. You call your Exercise Physiologist so you’re both ready to hit the ground running upon your return!
  • You are feeling better mentally and physically – everyone around you has noticed. You’re husband has finally agreed to start working with one of our Longevity Exercise Physiologists, 
  • You have 52 events already booked in your calendar … Wednesdays at 9am with your Longevity Exercise Physiologist.

After reading this  – you’ll identify that clients that work with us see massive physical, mental and behaviour changes. But the service and experience that you get with Longevity stays the same. 

Our Longevity Exercise Physiologists are here to help you for life, not just to help you achieve that New Years Resolution. 

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Written by Grayson Kieran