A quick look at how Exercise Physiology  Telehealth sessions are helping a variety of our clients to exercise safely at home and feel connected to their community. 

Linda* is a 35 year old woman who began training with Longevity Personal Training and Exercise Physiology at our Edgecliff location in January 2020.

Linda was referred to Longevity from Bay Active Physio, a clinic Longevity collaborates with regularly. Linda didn’t participate in regular physical activity and presented with upper back and neck pain. This pain would be present most days and she would regularly experience flare ups. She would often get pain in her shoulders when running. Linda experiences high bouts of stress which contributes to the tension her body holds.

Linda began strength training in the gym where she learnt foundational movements. Due to Covid 19, we had to transfer to Telehealth sessions in March. Physitrack is the app that we are using and Linda sets up her phone using a stand wherever she may be and has her headphones connected to easily speak with her Exercise Physiologist. She likes to change it up so sometimes she will be in the park, other times in her garage. Her Exercise Physiologist is able to adapt the exercise program if there are certain exercises she can not do depending on her space.


Linda has been able to continue 3 sessions per week guided by her Exercise Physiologist and is continuing to achieve results. Her training has enabled her to continue building on the foundational movements that she learnt in the gym. Linda has improved her lower body strength by 14%, upper body strength by 100% and core strength by 55%. She now has improved running technique and reports no pain in her shoulders when running. Linda has not had an exacerbation of her neck and upper back pain since consistently strength training 3x/week and partaking in regular walks, runs or rollerblading during the week! Linda feels like her appointments are time for herself and feels less stressed after exercising. She is very thankful that Longevity’s quick transition to online sessions have allowed her to continue supervised sessions and continue achieving results.

Linda has reported that she loves training outdoors and having her Exercise Physiologist present through Telehealth. She loves it so much that she may even continue this modality when gyms are back open.


Written by Angela Vitucci



If you would like to get started using Telehealth with one of our Exercise Physiologists or would like a FREE 15 minute trial, call Longevity Personal Training and Exercise Physiology on 1300 964 002.


*Name changed for Privacy reasons