As we step into the future, let’s explore the stories of two hypothetical individuals, both 40 years old, facing health challenges, and envision where they might be in 10 years. Meet our protagonists – one takes charge over their own help with the guidance of Longevity Exercise Physiology, while the other continues on the same trajectory.

Imagine a 40-year-old man, let’s call him John. He’s a devoted parent, working full time, but grappling with being overweight, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, blood sugar levels bordering on diabetes. The demands of work and family life leave him with little time or energy for everyday life. This is the pivotal moment where paths diverge.

One day, John decides that enough is enough. He chooses to invest in his health and his future by calling on the expertise of Longevity Exercise Physiology. With their guidance, John is able to put a plan in place to reach his long term goals and have the support to overcome the obstacles. Within the first few months he reaches his first small goal and builds confidence in taking control of his health for the rest of his life. 

On the flip side, there’s another John who decides to maintain the status quo. He continues with his sedentary lifestyle and disregards the warning signs his body is giving him. Health takes a back seat as he struggles to keep up with the demands of everyday life.

Fast forward 10 years. John A, the one who embraced change, finds himself with improved health markers, significant weight loss, normalised blood pressure and cholesterol, and has prevented diabetes. His energy levels have soared, allowing him not only to keep up with work and family but to actively engage and enjoy life through things he previously thought not possible.

John A was able to reach goal after goal and continue to work under the guidance of a Longevity Exercise Physiologist to prevent the recurrence of his health conditions. One may assume that being 10 years older, John has seen a decrease inf his physical capacity and function, but in fact, it’s been entirely the opposite. 

Meanwhile, John B faces a starkly different reality. The lack of intervention has led to exacerbated health issues. His weight has increased, blood pressure and cholesterol levels have steadily progressed, and has been diagnosed with diabetes.

The toll on his energy is evident; he struggles to keep up with the demands of life, impacting both his work and family. Furthermore, the risk of John B being around for his family and to see his children grow up are much lower. 

For John A, the decision to make a change wasn’t just about the immediate improvements. The benefits of exercising under the guidance of Longevity Exercise Physiologists extend far beyond the initial 10 years. By prioritising health and well-being, John A has set himself up for a longer, healthier life. The added value goes beyond treating his initial health conditions, but preventing additional health conditions and increasing his function later in his life.

As we embark on this new year, consider the trajectory of your own journey. Are you paving the way for a healthier, longer future, or are you inadvertently choosing a path filled with health challenges? Our Longevity Exercise Physiologists are here to help you reach your 2024 goals and build a sustainable lifestyle change to reach major milestones for the rest of your life. 

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Written By Isaac Roman