This week is the first ever Client Appreciation Week at Longevity!


We wanted to start the week by letting you know how much we appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you for your continued support, in particular over the past couple of months.

Longevity is a community made up of such amazing people. We have compiled a list of our favourite things about our clients in celebration of you all this week.

What we love about Longevity Clients:

  • Adaptable –You continuously show that you are adaptable and flexible. This has most recently been highlighted during COVID-19 Gym Closures. The majority of you were willing to try an alternative training methods such as online and outdoors.

  • Dedicated –You are all very dedicated people. You turn up to your regular sessions every week (and some of you even train individually as well!) whilst sill fitting in all of your other commitments (dropping the kids to school, work, volunteering and caring for others).
  • Friendly and Welcoming – Longevity clients are particular warm, caring and friendly individuals. You are always willing to have a chat and make others feel welcome and included in conversations.


  • Value Health- The Longevity motto “Health comes first”, and all of our clients put their health first. By choosing to participate in regular exercise and take on advice from health professionals, you all demonstrate that you value your health.
  • Extended Community – Our Longevity clients have helped to form the community that we have today. This community also extends to your family, friends, neighbours and even pets. We love hearing your stories and meeting the people important to you.
  • Positive – It has been clear over the past few months what a positive group of people you all are. Everyone has continued to do the best they can and focus on positive future outcomes.   

  • Highly Skilled and Knowledgeable – You have amazing skills, knowledge, stories and experiences that you share with the team and the community. In some sessions we learn from you!
  • Generous – You demonstrate that you are generous. Generous with your time and energy. Many of you have demanding jobs and family/ carer responsibilities but still find time to chat, support and treat the Exercise Physiology team.
  • Vibrant, Energetic and Fun – You all bring a happy, fun energy to your sessions. This is what makes our job so great. Chatting and laughing with you all in the gym is one of our favourite things about our job.
  •  Resilient – COVID-19 has shown us all how resilient we are. In particular, you have continued rehabilitation, managed pain, and continued exercising despite heavy restrictions, isolation and gym closures.

We hope you all have a great week and enjoy some special exercise sessions with your Exercise Physiologists!