This was an interesting post I came across on

This was an interesting post I came across on Facebook portraying how much sugar would be consumed by those who drink a can of Coke each day for 1 week. Perhaps with pre diabetics and even diabetic patients it would be helpful to hold tangible amounts of sugar and fat corresponding to their unhealthy foods that they typically consume in order to help them understand what may be contributing to an unhealthy lifestyle. Because sometimes we consume delicious foods without specifically contemplating the ingredients. Having a frequent abundance of one unhealthy habit may be incredibly detrimental to our health and longevity. For your next patient you can find out what unhealthy food they like and prepare a jar with the corresponding teaspoon amount of sugar and in a separate glass jar you could resemble fat (I am unsure exactly which ingredient would be the best for this that would look like fat – perhaps melted candle wax in a jar to represent the amount of fat consumed in a food product). Feel feel to share your ideas how we can best represent fat in a clinical setting.

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