Client Appreciation Week: Friendships and Community

As this week is client appreciation week at Longevity Exercise Physiology and Personal Training, we are taking the time to acknowledge what our jobs and people we work with mean to us. Our Exercise Physiologists across our EdgecliffMarrickville, Randwick, Lindfield, Drummoyne locations are grateful for having a job where we can help people become a better version of themselves, however we also want to highlight how much we, ourselves, get out of regularly seeing our clients and patients.

Networking with AEPs, Angela and Ashleigh

Kornelia began sessions with Longevity in January this year with both Angela and Ashleigh. Over time, we have helped Kornelia to be fitter, stronger, decrease pain and improve mood. It has been an amazing transformation to see and we are truly grateful for having the opportunity to help Kornelia with her health.

Angela has recently started treating her friend, Maggie for some long-standing soccer related injuries. Angela and Maggie were planning to go for a day trip south and go for lunch and a walk. Angela invited Kornelia and Ashleigh as a chance to take it away from ‘supervised’ sessions and network and meet like-minded people.

It was a great day out chatting to each other about numerous topics, going for a tough bush walk (which was about 90% stairs!) and having lots of laughs along the way.

Angela and Ashleigh are truly grateful for establishing personal connections, forming multiple friendships and connecting with the wider community. This is a goal of ours to connect with like minded professionals but also create a network of like-minded women in the area.








Written by Angela Vitucci

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