Longevity EdgecliffMarrickville, Randwick, Lindfield, Drummoyne are spending time this week acknowledging why we love working with our clients and thanking them for all their support.

In today’s blog, Longevity Exercise Physiologist Dylan lists some of the reasons why he appreciates his clients and what he loves about seeing them every week.

1. During Covid-19 many clients felt comfortable to open their home and allow me to come in and treat them. This showed tremendous respect and trust and made my job so much easier to do.

2. During longer workdays and finishing late home visits, receiving a hot meal to go home with, while I was in the middle of moving house was amazing. I could not be more appreciative as it became one less thing on my mind and really helped me look forward to those days.

3. I love the engaging and intellectual conversations I get to have with my clients. The topics of conversation range from international politics to amazing places to travel and experience. Listening to the amazing experiences clients have had overseas, makes me look forward to my future trips and share stories.

4. After my second hip surgery in January, so many of my clients were understanding and considerate during my recovery. Always checking in and allowing me to slow down during sessions was so thoughtful. It truly helped me get through some of the more painful and difficult days.

5. We all love being asked questions on new training and rehabilitation techniques or strategies and love explaining in detail. However, with this I get to see and experience a client’s full trust in me and my treatment. Its amazing to know that clients can trust in us to give them the best care. What follows is seeing a client learn and implement what they have learnt. It is amazing to see a positive change in behaviour or improvement in work performance, as they have taken the knowledge and used it even further.

There are many reasons why Longevity Exercise Physiologists love coming into work every day. We genuinely care and appreciate all our clients and are so lucky to work with them. We get to see them achieve many great goals, overcome chronic pain and better their future. Through this journey we get to build a tremendous relationship and learn so much from them. We at Longevity thank all our clients and cant wait to continue on this journey.

By Dylan Furey