When I came to Australia via Canada in 2018 I anticipated a great education, relaxing on the beach, plenty of leisure time and treating patients with very complicated pathologies and conditions. As many of you know, several setbacks (COVID included) have changed what I will forever take away from my experience living overseas.

The best part of Australia has been the people I have met along the way, especially the people who I have the privilege to call my clients. I walk away from every session with advice on life, investments, advertising, real estate, philosophy and the occasional terrible dad joke. There isn’t one Regenesis member who wishes I would shut up with my over the top laughter and banter I have with each and every one of you, and you should know that’s your fault.

Outside of work, I have been lucky enough to go for rounds of golf, beautiful dinners, coffee catch ups, walks around the community and dog dates. Through these relationships, I feel as much a part of the eastern suburbs community as I did in my hometown. With many of you, the line between client and friend is non-existent.

To the Longevity community, thank you. Thank you for being not only the best part of coming to work, but part of lifelong memories that I will cherish forever.


By Mitchell Hooper