It has been 13 days since gyms have opened after the COVID-19 lock down, and there are many positive aspects seen across all Longevity locations; EdgecliffMarrickville, Randwick, Lindfield, Drummoyne. The Longevity staff as well as gym owners have been very pleased with the smooth transition.

Before gyms opened again on June 13, Longevity highlighted extra measures and changes that were happening at each gym. After 2 weeks of gyms opening, Longevity are pleased to say that these measures have gone to plan and the safety of those walking through the gym doors has been kept in the highest regard.

Positive feedback

Members have been very appreciative of the extra measures each gym has taken, i.e hand sanitising stations, clear signage and adjustment of equipment to allow for social distancing. It hasn’t gone unnoticed of the appreciation our clients and patients have displayed both with having a gym to come back to and also the assistance we give to ensure a safe return, giving exercise advice.


Although the staff are taking all precautionary measures in the gym; cleaning before and after use of equipment, hand sanitising between appointments, being alert to maintain social distancing at all times, etc, it is also reassuring to see that members are very mindful of the current situation and are following suit.

Community atmosphere

Although the staff at Longevity continued operating outdoors, at home and online whilst gyms were shut, they have enjoyed being back in an environment where they can not only see each other on a daily basis but all members of the gym. There have been socially distanced chats between staff and members, or the simple quick one liners as one passes by, adding to the Longevity experience.

Demand is high

The Longevity team have filled up fast with only a few spare appointments available after 2 weeks of the gyms opening. It is great to see old and new faces continuing to maintain their health or starting to improve their health during these difficult times. Longevity will continue to service you through the good and bad times. We look forward to continuing on this journey with you.

Comments from the Team

Dylan (Randwick, Drummoyne, Marrickville):

I am loving re-testing everyone and seeing how well they have improved over the months, despite home and tele-health sessions. I am loving watching people getting stronger with Dumbbells and Barbells again.”

Daniel (Lindfield):

“I am loving being back in the gym and seeing the longevity community training again. Its great to see how positive everyone has been and how they have  adhered to the changes in the gyms protocols so that everyone can stay safe and get the most effective workout for their health.”

Courtney (Edgecliff, Lindfield):

“I’ve loved being able to see everyone in person again and get back to a sense of community in the gyms. I’m also grateful to be back training indoors (I did enjoy training outdoors, but it’s not as pleasurable when the temperature is below 10 degrees!)”

Mitch (Edgecliff) :

“I am loving seeing all the familiar faces. The regular banter and comradery with the  Longevity community is one of the most uplifting parts of my day.”

Jarrat (CEO):

“It is great to have the range of options to ensure progressive exercises and weight selection to get the best results for clients. I am also grateful to see the Longevity Blue Shirt Army back out in force and helping people in need especially when our health is MORE important than ever.”

Ashleigh (Edgecliff):

“I am loving being back in the gym both personally (so I can work on my own health goals) and professionally (so I can help my clients with their own goals). It is great to see the Longevity community enjoying the gym facility and each other’s company, morale is definitely very high at the moment.

Angela (Edgecliff):

“Coming back into the gyms and seeing members chatting amongst each other, curious as to how lock down has been and how each other’s health is, has made me realise just how strong of a community we have.”

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