There’s only 5 weeks to go until the City 2 Surf! Are you fully prepared?

This week Longevity Exercise Physiology wanted to give you 3 important tips in the lead up to the race.

1. Start to taper down your running.

Now is NOT the time to be going all out, pushing your distance. Be wary of overloading your runs during the week. Recovery in between runs is key, as is the type of surface you run on. If you need help, reach out to now of our Exercise Physiologists for guidance.

2. Make sure you are properly prepared for race day.

Do you have the right footwear for the run? Do you have the right clothing ready? Do you have a warmup routine for the morning of?

These are all things we can easily forget pre-race but are crucial to be prepared mentally on the day – reach out to one of us at Longevity for help!

3. Get your sleep and nutrition ready now.

Sleep is crucial for recovery in your training now to prevent injury. Make sure you are getting good quality sleep and consistent hours.

The right eating habits (e.g., enough protein in the day and 5 servings of vegetables per day) are key to fuel your body and get in a good routine for race day.

Following these tips will ensure you reduce injury risk and perform at your best to enjoy the day!

And it’s not too late to start training with one of our Longevity Exercise Physiologists to prepare!

We are located all over Sydney and Melbourne, to find your nearest location, please visit our website to find your local Longevity EP!

Written by Luke Dorizas.