Introducing Michael Bloch..

A former A-League soccer player, Michael discovered his passion for sports and exercise at an early age. He started playing soccer at age 5 and progressed to representative level in his early teens, and by the time he was 16 he had progressed to top level competition.

Growing up on the coast, Michael also loves the water and enjoyed activities like surf life saving, surfing, bodyboarding, snorkelling and spear fishing. 

After school, Michael completed a Science Degree majoring in Biology at the University of Newcastle. This gave him a deeper understanding of the human body and complimented the physical experience with exercise that he had already developed.

Michael’s’ next fitness adventure was into the area of natural movement. This is when he began training Capoeira and Breakdancing, activities which require high levels of flexibility, strength, cardiovascular fitness and core control. These activities required him to push his body to new levels and greatly enhanced his understanding of human movement dynamics.

We have already begun implementing Michael’s skills in balance and complex functional movement into specific programs for clients. These exercises provide improvements for the musculoskeletal system and develop neural pathways improving balance, co-ordination, strength and skill. They are ideal for those wanting to improve their balance to prevent falls or improve performance both in the gym or in their chosen sport. 

 Michael became a Certificate IV qualified trainer in 2007. The decision was a very natural one and allowed him to draw on his experience to inspire and help others achieve their goals, lead a healthier style of living, and increase their quality of life.

With 8 years experience in the industry in gyms in both Sydney and Melbourne with a range of clientele, Michael is now undertaking the next challenge in his personal training career. He has a thirst for knowledge and is committed to constantly improving his skills and expertise. He embodies the values of our business and has a passion to provide the best service possible for clients. He is a committed trainer who understand that health comes first and is looking forward to delivering a service that fly’s in the face of the current pop culture of fitness where the aesthetic is favoured over the athletic and health is often sacrificed for beauty. He believes that exercise can be prescribed as medicine to improve an individuals health.

 Welcome to the team, Michael!

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