Bay Active Physio

Our staff have either a masters qualification or a minimum of 10 years experience. They have advanced clinical reasoning skills which are maintained through regular clinical education, tutorials and courses. Thorough assessment of joint and muscle function allows us to make a very accurate diagnosis. Importantly for low back pain, we are able to assess the function of the deep postural or core muscles of the abdomen using Real Time Ultrasound. When necessary, we can refer you for an x-ray to exclude broken bones. We frequently discuss difficult cases and encourage our patients to see at least two of our practitioners within 4 treatments to ensure all bases are covered. If a patient isn’t responding to treatment we will communicate with your doctor and/or specialist and refer on when appropriate. An accurate diagnosis means we can identify the specific treatment that will work for you.

Whether your pain is due to sports injury, work stresses, accident, surgery, or wear and tear of everyday life, we can help you. Bay Active offers musculoskeletal physiotherapy coupled with the application of up-to-the-minute research which offers clients fast and enduring results. We will isolate the root cause of your pain, treat the symptoms and with both manual therapy and expert exercise prescription work with you to prevent it returning. We’re committed to helping our clients help themselves.”