The Longevity Exercise Physiology and Personal Training Team in EdgecliffMarrickville, Randwick, Lindfield and Drummoyne are offering Telehealth sessions as one of our primary services during COVID-19. Telehealth sessions are a great option for those who are considered vulnerable and/or those who are self-isolating to be able to continue exercising safely during this time. 

Longevity are using 3 different telehealth methods: ZOOM, Physitrack and Facetime to connect with you and assist with your exercise regime. Check out our other “How-to” blogs for specific information on each method:


Physitrack Here


One of the main barriers to starting Telehealth sessions is access and use of technology. At Longevity Exercise Physiology, we understand that getting set-up to do online sessions can seem like a long and difficult process. In fact, telehealth set-up doesn’t need to be over complicated and can be quite simple. That is why we are more than happy to take the time to find the easiest and best option for you.

There are many ways to do online exercises sessions and today’s blog looks at one of the easiest ways to do Telehealth using only your mobile phone.


Facetime on iPhone 

Step 1: You and your Exercise Physiologist will agree on a session time.

Step 2: Set-up your exercise space so that you have enough room to move. Also gather any equipment or other items you may need.

Step 3: Find a space for your mobile phone to stand. Usually a higher spot, supported by something solid (such as a stack of books) behind your phone is best

Also ensure that the angle is set up so that your whole body can be seen. *You can check this by putting your phone camera onto front view or “Selfie mode”

Step 4: At the agreed time, wait for your Exercise Physiologist to call.

Step 5: Accepting the call: When the call comes through it will say “Slide to answer”. Slide the green phone symbol and answer the call.


Step 6: You will be able to see and hear your Exercise Physiologist as they guide you through a series of exercises.

Here is a video with the above steps:

We are offering a FREE 15min strategy sessions to get you set-up and feeling confident about using Telehealth.

Call 1300 964 002 to book a strategy session and speak to an Exercise Physiologist today!