Exercising on a Road Trip 


The Longevity Exercise Physiologists in Drummoyne,EdgecliffMarrickville,Bella VistaRandwickLindfield and Balmain understand the importance of exercising while on a holiday and are here to help!


With COVID-19 restrictions easing, but international travel still limited, the idea of a road trip holiday might be your only option, but how do we continue exercise?


Exercising on a road trip doesn’t have to be complicated and completing basic exercise with what you have can provide you with the benefits while you’re away from the gym. Whether it’s aerobic exercise to training a specific body part, it can be done but sometimes you have to be a little bit creative!


Aerobic exercise

The easiest place to start is a common area where people fall short in their lives at home which is hitting your daily step count. This is a great place to start as you will be fulfilling one of the parts of the daily physical activity guidelines. Here are some tips to increase your step count:

  • If you’re travelling somewhere new, leave the car at your accommodation and set out on foot when exploring around your holiday destination
  • If you are staying in a remote area where you must drive to where the action is, park further away from where you want to visit so you are forced to walk around. Who knows, you might find other things that catch your attention.
  • Research tourist sites which require walking or hiking to experience, such as waterfalls, lookouts or national parks.


If walking isn’t your thing but still want to get around while exercising, bike riding provides an enjoyable way to travel around while completing some exercise. Possibly think about researching bike rentals within the area you are staying or bring your own if you have one.


Resistance training

Most exercises which are completed within the gym, can be replicated with bands or being creative with sourcing other means of adding resistance to body weight. Packing some TheraBand’s with you in your luggage won’t take up much space nor will it add much weight to your luggage either.


If you don’t have TheraBand’s, this is where you have to get creative. A simple way is to create a makeshift dumbbell or heavy object would be filling a backpack or bag with objects. This way, you can perform weighted squats very easily, you can use the handles of a duffle bag or backpack to perform rowing exercises (for the back), pushing exercises (Shoulders, Chest), and arm exercises via curls and pressing.



If you’re going on a holiday and need some guidance of how to exercise while travelling, get in contact with one of our Exercise Physiologists for some help!


Written by Guy Beynon