(INCREDIBLE RESULTS – CLIENT TESTIMONIAL by Luke Hawson). “Before seeing Luis I was experiencing significant pain in the right side of my neck which would often spread to my upper back, this strain would be due to doing functional fitness and weight lifting. I found Luis’s treatment to be extremely beneficial. Firstly his analysis was thorough and very professional in identifying the cause of problems from my posture to how I functionally move. Luis concentrated on treatment to my arm and under arm area to release pressure as well applying energy releasing methodology. This was far more effective than I had expected. I found the session to be quite relaxing as well as effective with now my neck feeling at ease of tight pressure and strain. I will be continually seeing Luis as a preventative method to ensure i can continue to train regularly and with limited injury, he is a true professional and masters the combination of massage and energy in a very effective way.” – Luke Hawson. Treatment focused on Luke’s right neck/shoulder. Photos: FRONT VIEW – 1st photo (before treatment), 2nd (after) RIGHT SIDE VIEW – 3rd (before treatment), 4th (after)