Glute Activation- Why is it important?

The Longevity Exercise Physiologists in Drummoyne,EdgecliffMarrickville,Bella Vista, Randwick, Lindfield and Balmain frequently get asked about the importance of the gluteal muscles. In this blog, Shannon aims to educate about this important muscle group and demonstrates her favourite glute exercises.

Glute activation refers to a range of warm up exercises that target your gluteal muscles to “wake them up” or get them firing to work more effectively. In a world where most people work all day from their desk, glute muscles are often left inactivated and almost asleep which can result in minimal benefits for the gluteal muscles during lower limb exercises.

The main gluteal muscles that are targeted during these exercises make up the shape of your bottom and include the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimis.

If the glutes are inactive during movements, often the body will use the more dominant muscles to complete the movement such as the quadriceps or hamstrings. Using incorrect muscle activation may result in injury or imbalance if carried out for long periods of time. If the gluteal muscles are not strong enough, posture may be compromised leading to lower back pain and balance issues.

Shannon’s Favourite Glute Activation Exercises; all exercises can be performed with or without a resistance band depending on the fitness level of the individual:

1. Clam

2. Glute bridge with or without abduction

3. Donkey kicks

4. Fire hydrants

5. Lying hip abductions

6. Crab walks


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Written By Shannon Coolican

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