Client Success Story: Guy’s Final Week!

As I conclude my journey here at Longevity, I’d like to reflect on an amazing client achievement of mine as well as reflect on the past few years I’ve been working at Longevity. Throughout my tenure, I’ve had a myriad of client achievements, all of which fuel my love for my career, however, I’d like to take this moment to reflect on a particular client achievement.

Ann Smith* began working with me in February after being referred for sciatic pain management and to prevent progression of her osteopenia. I remember Ann being overtly apprehensive to being in a gym space due to the number of people around, potential risk of COVID, uncertainty around resistance training and causing her sciatic pain to flare up.

After discussing all concerns that presented at the time, Ann put her trust in me that two supervised sessions per week would be ideal for her presenting conditions and goals. Our exercise journey together initially focused on building confidence in movement, education on how resilient our bodies are to movement and load, followed by teaching all kinds of movements in the gym.

Within 6 weeks, Ann went from being apprehensive to hold more than 3kg in each hand when standing to deadlifting 15kg for multiple reps, never missing a session and raving about training in a gym to her friends and family. 

This is just one of the 100s of clients that have achieved one or all their goals when working with myself or the Longevity team. Thank you to all my clients for putting the time, effort, and trust in me in to achieve their health and fitness goals.

Over my time here at Longevity, client achievements like this were just one of the amazing bonuses of working for such a great company. I was first introduced to Longevity as a student at the end of 2019, and then was hired in September 2020. During this time, I’ve seen the company grow exponentially, going from strength to strength with its client care but also care for the great team that makes Longevity who it is. I credit a lot of my own personal and professional development to my time here as this has been a crucial time in my life (from 21 to 25 years old). 

I want to thank the entire Longevity team for creating an unforgettable workplace, it’s truly one of a kind. The friendships, memories, and the people I’ve helped along the way will stick with me forever. 

*Name changed for privacy.

Written by Guy Benon.

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