Have you got time off over the Christmas break? Why not book in an appointment with an Exercise Physiologist?

Are you sticking around Sydney for Christmas and New Year? Is your gym closing or is your trainer going away? Do you have a loss of motivation? The Exercise Physiologists at Longevity – Drummoyne, EdgecliffMarrickvilleBella VistaRandwickLindfieldBalmain and Neutral Bay are here to help keep you on track during this time.

Sometimes we forget about the importance of exercise and our health and well-being can fall to the side. Here are three reasons why we shouldn’t forget about our physical health over this festive period.

  1. The importance of Exercise over this time for your physical health

Although Christmas and the New Year period should be full of celebrations, consuming more food than normal and indulging in one too many festive cocktails can have a negative impact on our waistlines. At this time of year, research shows that you are most likely to put on weight. While a little Christmas weight gain might not seem like a big deal, if we don’t make time to move and be physically active over the holiday season and in the new year, it can add up over time and start to negatively impact your health.

  1. But not just your physical health…

This busy period can have a large impact on our mental health and mood. There is a lot of change going on around this time including diet, activity levels and sleep patterns which can lead to decreased mental health. Other factors such as financial stress, family conflict, busy calendars and long to-do lists can also add stress to the festive season. It’s not all bad news though, with regular exercise helping to improve your mental health.

  1. Don’t let your holiday break become an excuse for you to stop striving towards your goals

If you need a break, take one but don’t let the holiday season be your excuse from your general health-conscious efforts. We associate the holiday break as a time where we should relax and enjoy ourselves. And of course, this is true, we should enjoy ourselves and relax from all the stress we are often facing at work, university etc. However, this doesn’t mean we should relax and enjoy ourselves to the point where we completely stop to think about doing any form of exercise or eating some vegetables instead of sweets. Life doesn’t get put on hold simply because it is holiday season.

If you need someone to keep you on track over the Christmas and New Year break, call the Exercise Physiologists at Longevity Personal Training and Exercise Physiology Edgecliff, Pymble, Marrickville, Randwick, Drummoyne, Balmain, Bella Vista and Neutral Bay on 1300 964 002 to enquire today.


Written by Annabel Bergman

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