Today Longevity Exercise Physiology Drummoyne, EdgecliffMarrickvilleBella VistaRandwickPymble, Balmain, and Neutral Bay discuss staying active over the Christmas period!

It’s very common for people to start to wind down and switch off this time of year, both with work but also personal health. I always like to say however, this is one of the few times of year where you have MORE time to invest and think more about your exercise program. Here are some tips to help plan your activity over the festive period:

  1. Use quiet work periods to add an extra workout in during the day

As work gets quieter, use that extra time of a morning or evening to get an extra walk or strength circuit in. This will give you a head start into the new year as you build up your fitness.

  1. Plan active family catchups 

Think of activities you can do as a family where you are more active. Some examples include – bushwalking, beach cricket or soccer, bbq lawn games. Or make use of the amazing water we have around us in the area for water sports like kayaking or paddle boarding. Or just catch up with a friend for a jog or walk.

  1. Plan travel programs

If you get the chance to travel now out of lockdown, think about what you can do as a bodyweight strength workout. You can still do a very effective bodyweight program with no equipment, with the right planning. Have a chat to one of your EPs if you need ideas.

  1. Go easy on boozy/heavy catch ups

Its very easy to let yourself go this time of year and have more big lunches and nights. Not only do you add more calories and lose your sleep, but the next day you miss your workout you had planned, which over time can lead to weeks of inactivity. Don’t let your years of progress go out because of this period. Have plenty of water when out, plan your leaving time before and have good healthy food beforehand to avoid overeating.

Enjoy the festive seasoning think about the extra opportunities you could have for more exercise!

Written by Luke Dorizas