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If you are are a parent, then you are the number one factor that affects the way your children feel about leading a healthy lifestyle. From an early age you have been their role model and you have set an example of how you should lead your life. Eating, exercise, working, sleeping patterns, the way you interact with people, and everything else are all learned by watching and mimicking the actions of the parents from an early age. Therefore, if you as the parent are leading a sedentary lifestyle and making poor dietary decisions, then chances are you are passing these habits onto your children. If this is the case, then family fitness is key!

6 Important Benefits for Children Who Exercise Regularly

Children who are physically active on a regular basis will reap enormous benefits, further emphasising the importance of family fitness. Studies have shown that they:

  1. Are less likely to become overweight
  2. Have a decreased risk of developing type 2 diabetes
  3. Have reduced blood cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure
  4. Have higher self-esteem and reduced incidences of depression and anxiety
  5. Are more likely to build strong bones and muscles
  6. Are more attentive in school

Childhood obesity is a significant problem in Australia today. Healthy eating practices and regular exercise are essential for every child’s normal growth and development, and children who exercise generally do better academically and learn how to cope when under pressure more easily then when compared to those that don’t exercise regularly. 

Now that we know why children need to be active, it’s time to get them up and moving! Here are four quick and easy ways to help your family lead a healthy lifestyle on a daily basis.

4  Easy Ways to Promote Family Fitness and Help Keep Your Kids Healthy

  1. Encourage outdoor games – Get them off the iPad and out into the park! Kicking the footy, one on one ball, the possibilities are endless!
  2. Limit TV time – When a program is over, turn the Computer, TV or whatever device it is you use and go analogue. You don’t need to be connected to the virtual world all the time and neither do your children.
  3. Provide healthy snacks – Active kids need the right fuel for their growing bodies and so do you. Make sure you make healthy choices with your daily snacks and so will your kids.
  4. Set a good example – When you exercise regularly and eat healthy foods, you set an example that will shape your child’s habits for life. Take responsibility and see the positive effects it will have on yourself and others around you! You have the power to change people’s lives so make sure you have a positive impact!

We love to train families and help them get fit together. If you would like to come and try out a family fitness session, or want to chat about establishing healthy practices for you and your family, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with one of our trained professionals as soon as possible!

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