How to stay motivated during the Christmas break?

With Christmas and the New Year approaching fast, Longevity Exercise Physiology Drummoyne, EdgecliffMarrickvilleBella VistaRandwickPymble and Balmain, and Neutral Bay discuss the top tips on staying motivated during this time.

It’s been a challenging and volatile year for everyone, so the team at Longevity Exercise Physiology are reminding all Australians to take the time these holidays to focus on you and your health, and exercise can be a simple tool to do this.

Here are four tips to help keep active during the Christmas period:

  1. During the holiday season if you are spending time with friends and family, get creative and involved, and create an exercise regime that everyone can enjoy. This could be anything from street or beach cricket, to a swim down at the beach. This type of exercise gives everyone the opportunity to be involved.
  2. Christmas and the holiday season is known to be a very stressful time for many people. Getting involved in mindfulness activities such as yoga, tai chi or Pilates can be a good option to reduce stress, while incorporating physical activity into your daily routine. Exercising and keeping active is a great way to reduce the festive season stress.
  3. Christmas shopping is lengthy and draining, but you can utilise this time to keep active. Some tips include parking a few blocks away and walking to the mall, skipping the elevator and taking the stairs and saying no to a trolley. With Christmas lights making an appearance, why not get out with friends and family and walk up and down the streets to get more steps in!
  4. Exercise can seem like the last thing people want to undertake during the holiday period, and this is totally okay. Modify and alter your routine slightly to allow time for spending time with family and friends, relaxing and staying active. This leads you to be more likely to become more motivated leading into the New Year.

If you need some extra motivation during the holidays, want to get in shape for summer or want an extra activity to do while most business is closed for the holidays, why not book in with an Exercise Physiologist who will keep you motivated and accountable during the Christmas break. Call Longevity Exercise Physiology and Personal Training now on 1300 964 002!

Written by Annabel Bergman

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