Longevity 2022 – Year In Review

It’s December already?! Longevity’s year in review.

2022 .. what a year. The world has experienced yet another year of highs and lows. We saw borders continue to open up for travel so loved ones could be united and people could continue to explore the world. It has also been the year of sporting events – The cricket, soccer and rugby world cups, the winter Paralympics and Olympics.

This year has seen Longevity grow to 10 locations – Drummoyne, EdgecliffMarrickville, Castle Hill, RandwickPymble, Kingsgrove, Neutral Bay, Coburg – Melbourne, and Barrie, Ontario – Canada. – 9 across Australia expanding to Coburg and Kingsgrove, whilst relocating from Bella Vista to Castle Hill and moving international, to Barrie in Ontario, Canada. Not only did we grow in locations – the Longevity family has grown in members, adding 9 new practitioners!

2022 has been a massive year for Longevity and we couldn’t have done it without you. We have the biggest team yet meaning we have been able to help more people than ever.

This year we did over 26,000 sessions and helped over 1,100 new clients. Our team really pushed to help as many members of our community as we can and we couldn’t do it without you. We have loved training with all of you and those who referred their personal networks to us, trusting us to help your loved ones.

Not only did we train more members of the wider community, 2022 saw more members of Longevity booking in for sessions with their colleagues. This ranged from training for general health to Jarrat doing his pre-habilitation for his hip surgery.

 “I finally committed to my physical health, training 3-5 times a week and it has completely turned around/managed my mental health” Nikki who had trained with Andrew this year.

 We asked the team to reflect on their highlights from 2022 both personal and professional:


  • I started to train with Eleni using our Longevity staff sessions which was great
  • The team conferences that we had this year were also bigger and definitely some of the highlights


  • Joining Longevity team
  • Going to my grandads 100th bday


  • Captaining Giants VFL Team
  • Growing Marrickville from 1 to 3 EPs


  • Getting Engaged!!!
  • Working with great clients at Marrickville


  • Stepping up to be head of the marketing department
  • Squatting 75kg
  • Going on my first overseas trip in years to Bali in December


  • Graduating as an EP and joining Longevity
  • Travelling overseas
  • Training Ash and seeing her amazing progress


  • Graduated Exercise Physiology at University
  • Started working for Longevity and Grown Coburg
  • Got Engaged


  • I started with Longevity in May, only able to lift my arm to shoulder height. I started training weekly with Matt and I have recovered full range of motion by November!
  • I’m not done there though, my goal for 2023 is to learn how to deadlift!


  • I got engaged in New Zealand this August
  • One of my clients in hospital went from 3 sit-to-stands using his arms to 10 split stance sit-to-stands in 3 weeks!
  • I deadlifted 175kg in October


  • Hiring third team member for Drummoyne
  • Back racing and not injured in December this year – (Competed in the Australian mile championships In November) 


  • I completed a half marathon in September
  • I dove in the ocean everyday
  • Helping more and more people every day


  • Moving into the leadership team/running the clinician program
  • Building Drummoyne into a near 4th EP location
  • Being a regular start in my clubs 1st grade team, currently sitting at the top of the club champs for an 11th year in a row


  • I came back from injury in March to be selected in the ANC Netball team for GWS Giants
  • I’m travelling to Scandinavia in December 2022
  • A client being able to complete a one month hike in Bhutan with no knee issues!


  • Completed my Mat Pilates course
  • Joined a social touch team
  • Our friends and family campaign leading to a whole family to make exercise and health changes together!


  • Finally went to Europe in May/June
  • One of my clients went from not leaving the house alone to comfortably travelling interstate independently!


  • I got married and Honeymooned in the USA and Canada
  • Opened up a new business in Canada
  • New locations in Kingsgrove and Coburg and added 9 new team members
  • I am pain free for the first time in years after my hip replacement


  • Joining the longevity team and finding a great fit at Randwick!
  • Helping my dad with his back pain and getting him into strength training
  • Getting a second dog!


  • Lots more travel this year, both interstate and I’m heading to Fiji soon
  • A niece and nephew born
  • I was appointed as Operations Manager in September with the new restructure of the business
  • Had another heart ablation in October which has me feeling much healthier and happier, I can now enjoy exercising


  • Lily taking her first steps!! Lots of firsts this year!!
  • Growing Neutral Bay to its full potential


  • Finally committed to my physical health, training 3-5 times a week, which has completely turned around and managed my mental health and anxiety
  • This has in turn freed up my mental capacity and I am on my second book of the quarter! Improving my professional skill set! I went from hating reading, to enjoying learning/reading through Audible!


  • Having one of my clients  come off all blood pressure medication and going from home exercises into smashing his goals at the gym
  • Opening a New Location at Kingsgrove


  • Coming back to work in October from maternity leave
  • Helping some of the people in my personal network with their exercise and achieving better health


  • Finishing my first Olympic triathlon without my legs falling off 
  • Helping more and more people every day 


  • Graduating from university and getting my first job as an Exercise Physiologist
  • Joining the Longevity team
  • Bought my first car!!! 


  • Graduating Exercise Physiology
  • Joining Longevity, working with an amazing team and great clients!


  • Successful move to Castle hill and being a part of something much bigger


  • Leading my soccer team to be promoted to the top division in our competition for the first time in over 7 years.
  • Helping people reach functional goals – so that they can regain the quality of life they deserve

With 2022 slowly coming into the rearview mirror, we can look back and say what an awesome year that was. The longevity team sends you their gratitude for making what we do possible and for the hard work you all put in. We are so excited to see what big things 2023 holds – get ready to smash bigger and better goals in 2023!!

Written by Grayson Kieran

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