Last Friday the Longevity took off their work uniforms, threw on their sombrero’s and swapped exercise as the best medicine to laughter.


The team met at El Camino Cantina in Moore Park for some Friday evening margaritas. This was the first non-formal social event for many of the new team members. The team made use of happy hour with frozen margaritas going down a treat and chowing down on the complementary chips and salsa.


“Team morale is always high with the conversation flowing, and teammates catching up on everything new.”


Before heading to the comedy show the team shared their own laughs with Guy sharing his Euro-trip adventures, Trish enlightening us on her trip to gold-country where her great-great-grandfather had resided. These events allow the team to immerse themselves in the culture that Longevity prides itself on. Getting to know each other outside of the work environment.







Comedy Show

Once we had all caught up and had a delicious Mexican feed, we headed over to The Comedy Store in the Entertainment Quarter. If you haven’t been to one of these shows – we cannot recommend it enough. There were 8 different comedians, each with their own unique comedic style and delivery. Ranging from quirky and obscene to racy and classic. At some point during the show all team members had a good cackle. One of the group’s favourite jokes involved a judge, pre-packaged cheese and biscuits… and a whole lot of misjudgment.

What was your favourite thing about the night?

The free chips … just kidding. Sam Campbell’s quirky humour was hilarious to me.”

– Naomi

“I always get super energised when we spend time together as a team! It’s my favourite time unwind, have some fun, and laugh.”

 – Nikki

I, myself find these events important for overall team morale. Having such a great team culture truly allows us to work better together too. It not only makes our work environment one that we love coming to everyday, but it allows us to feel comfortable reaching out to those from other locations for help. Not to mention that all members of the Longevity team are legends!


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Written by Grayson Keiran