Today, Longevity Exercise Physiology ask Chloe, recent new graduate and team member at our Marrickville location, to expand on why she decided to explore a career with us after completing her placement block with Longevity Randwick and how she has found the transition from university to the workforce.

Embarking on my journey with Longevity as an Exercise Physiologist has been a transformative experience, shaping my perspective on my career and professional growth. As a recent graduate, the decision to join this growing company was influenced by a combination of experiences during my placement and an insightful interview process.

My introduction to Longevity began during the challenging time of seeking a placement site for my next block. At that point, I was navigating the rehabilitation process following ACL reconstruction surgery on my knee, facing uncertainties about my physical capabilities. However, the compassionate response from Angela, Longevity’s Operations Manager, who not only understood my circumstances but also accommodated my needs, set the tone for my positive association with Longevity. Starting at the Randwick location for my placement, I quickly realised that this workplace was unlike any other, emphasising a strong focus on culture and consistent improvement. 

Following the completion of my degree, a courtesy call from Angela reopened the door to Longevity. The encouragement to apply for a role, with the flexibility of starting part-time, reflected the company’s commitment to individual circumstances.

The pivotal moment came during the interview process, where I engaged in conversations with multiple senior leaders, including Longevity’s Director, Jarrat Wood. This level of communication was unprecedented, providing me with valuable insights into what a career might look like at Longevity.

Despite my uncertainty about immediate full-time employment post-graduation as I was still recovering from surgery, Jarrat’s supportive approach, offering part-time possibilities, laid the foundation for what I have grown to expect at Longevity, compassion and high levels of communication. 

The first few months at Longevity have exceeded my expectations. The extensive onboarding process, supported by my team leader, team members, and the entire company, has made the transition from my academic studies to the professional realm seamless. The proactive outreach from colleagues, access to a wealth of resources, and regular interactions with Jarrat have fostered a supportive environment.

Longevity’s commitment to professional development, balanced work structure, and the emphasis on individual growth have reinforced my belief that I made the right choice in pursuing a role with Longevity. The company’s focus on creating an environment for learning and development sets a strong foundation for a fulfilling career journey as an Exercise Physiologist.

In essence, my decision to join Longevity was not just about starting a job; it was about embracing a community that values its members, invests in their growth, and provides a platform to make a meaningful impact on clients’ lives. I look forward to furthering my professional journey with Longevity, confident in the knowledge that I am part of a growing company that prioritises its team members’ success and well-being, transitioning from my placement in Randwick to my current role in Marrickville.

Congratulations Chloe on an incredible start to your career with Longevity!

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Written by Chloe Chua